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Whaaaaaat! I did not know this....I must try this.  great tip!
good idea!
This sounds like a great what happened?
Hi...what is a pop up flyer?
I like it...go for it
I cant stop laughing!!!
thanks for the tips Leta.  I've been wanting to do a bridal show for awhile now....for some reason the idea of it makes me nervous. LOL
 Love hearing stories like this....very motivating
indydebi I really needed to hear this today.....I'll be 40 in a few months and was starting to feel like why even bother trying to open a cake shop at this age and that I should have done it years ago.  Fear has a way of making up all of these excuses in your head to keep you from taking risks.  :( Thanks!!
Claire138 your cake is absolutely adorable!
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