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ok, Swimmomkim, thank you for the link. i figured it out...i have just the basic, clear cookie bags and have been calling them 'cello' bags just b/c i didn't know what else to call them and see it discussed on here a lot. but now i see cello is something very different! mine is not sealable, which is why i tie them with ribbon. i will look into ordering cello!!!!
thanks Divinecc! im not sure what you mean about unpackaged food? i buy my cello bags at a caking store and they are sold intentionally and exclusively for food. Not sure about Michaels, but im sure if it's in the cake aisle it is ok for food.
I have read in previous posts about heat sealing cello bags to keep cookies fresh for shipping, etc. 1) How do you heat seal!? Does anyone know what to use for that? and,2) Does tying them with ribbon achieve the same result? (ie. freshness)?Thanks!!!
Uniqueask (i hope i spelled that right)!i just bought my very first one and knew (and know) nothing about scales. it's a Cuisinart brand electronic scale, which goes up to 16 lbs. measures both metric and american, cost about $40 at Bed, Bath & Beyond. it is great for me!!! so far so good. hope this helps
this icing just LOOKS like it would taste better than RI. i want to try it! does anybody know if it hardens enough so you can package individually and ship? can they be stacked on one another? they look delish!!!!
Thanks Antonia! yes, 150g/cup for NFSC works perfectly for me also, so i didn't want to change!!! what you wrote makes sense...thank you for clarifying. You are so generous with your time and talents. Yes, everyone...i am finding that it is necessary to weigh in order to get consistency. Happy baking all!
Antonia, since you have been my baking 'hero' for quite some time i pay attention to how you do things. there is a post a while back where you say you weigh the flour for NFSC at 150g per cup. i have been doing this and have been very pleased with the cookies! did you mean 150g / cup for a particular variety of NFSC (like chocolate or gingerbread)? i am making the chocolate rolled cookies today and am wondering if i should weigh flour at 150g/cup or...
thanks everyone for the replies and the great ideas! i will try the whitener with the RI, since 'discoloring' was a freezing side effect i am afraid of. i'm assuming whitener is just white coloring like all our other colors in our cookie pantry! thanks again!!
sounds good...maybe i'll try a practice batch first...and let everyone know if this actually works or not!thanks for you reply!!!
I want my cookies to be fresh when i mail them next week, but need to do the baking and decorating this week!!! is that possible? has anyone done it successfully? when i decorate with antonia's RI, it seems i can't even put saran wrap over the tupperware, as they dry with 'soft' or 'wet' spots. i'd love to freeze them but am afraid the results will be disasterous. anyone done this?
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