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Thank you. The Curly Letters are available through
You ca visit my site and you will find what you are looking for a set of Curly alphabet Extra Large.
Only using cutters but never free hand.
My dear husband is extremely considerate with me. He always cleans up after me. Everysingle day after work he helps me a lot. He cleans the bathrooms, brooms the whole house washes the dishes by hand......and he even changes the toilet paper.......He is a blessing in my life and I love him dearly.
Sugar Fail!!! that's how I describe it. I've used the product ONCE to make the Eiffel Tower and when it dries some parts dry thinner than others because you have to apply eve pressure on the flow. Unfortunately, I am not a robot to have that precision. So, it didn't work for me, and neither for a friend who advise me not to buy it, but I wanted to experiment with it and sadly it failed.
A friend of mine bought a set of crooked pans to make a whimsical cake, and although I'd advised her not to buy them, she did it anywya. She paid like $159.00 for a set of 5 pans that don't work because the mix cooks faster on the thin side. By the time eveything is done, she ended up with a burned "toast" on one side. So, beware of those pans at the ICES convention. She said, she was going to return them to the lady that sells those.
Regarding and earlier post. I just received all the help I needed from CakeBoss and they were extremely helpful. Now, I will be the one to learn how to upload customers and do everything else.The reason I bought this program was to help me doing everything but I couldn't find anything similar before. I will be enjoying now my new CakeBoss.And I want to let everybody know that it was a missunderstanding from our side the communication failure.Thanks to Kelly for your...
Did anyone had problems loading it? I've bought it a month ago and I've sent thousands of e-mails and there is no customer support.I am very disspointed with it!!!
I refuse to bake a 6" or 8" if is a week day. If I can accomodate the same sizes on a weekend, then I will. Thank you FrostingGal for your idea of "they have to pay for the whole batch" Next time, if asked, I will come up with that answer.
I was a victim once of stolen designs, but in my case the "big" company used my complete flyer changing only the name of my business for theirs. I'd called a lawyer and he told me that to initiate a legal process would be a waste of money and time because I was an individual filling against a renoun cake business. So, the most I could do was to go against the printing company and advice them not to use my layout or pictures for any other business or person. A second...
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