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Hey guys, Could you tell me where I can find the plaque style cookie cutters?   Thanks!  Lori
A cricut cake....
If anyone is interested in selling their cricut cake, let me know. I am looking for one reasonably priced. Just e-mail me or P.M. me. Thanks! Lori
I have never used it. Do I just brush it on all layers? Regards Lori
I have thought about doing that, but my question has always been if you can ice the cake immediately after the simple syrup? Regards
I know some of You don't consider this a disaster, but I recently decorated a cake for someone who said it was dry. I am so disappointed. I just hate it happened.
Some way to use cornstarch, Don't! It will dry it out. Use confectioners sugar and keep a liitle Shortening on your hands. Regards:-)
Yes exactly! Thanks!
Hey all Would someone PLEASE tell me how the technique where there are multiple layers of fondant usually from lighter to darker in color.and it.looks like waves? I need a bday cake for my grandson and would like to use this. Thanks! Lori
Just curious if anyone is using this system or is there something better?
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