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I always use the buttercream fondant recipe because my experiance with other recipes have not been the best. Even though I add gumtex to it, it's still too soft and hard to mold into figures, they always end up drooping and looking short, squashed and fat. What can i do to fix this? Thanks.
is this one good for piping?
The teacher is allergic to the soy in the crisco. Our health food store didn't sell the soy free kind
The butter wasn't melted. my normal recipe is 1 stick butter, 1 1/2 c. crisco, 1/4 c. water, 2 lbs powder sugar, 2 tsp. vanilla. I sub the crisco with butter so it was 2 c. total butter. 1/4 c. water, 3 lbs powder suage, 2 tsp. vanilla. I think it was too much butter.
i hope some one is still one here so late. I'm making cupcakes for my daughters class tomorrow. The teacher is allergic to shortening. So I asked the other day what to do about making buttercream icing. I was told by one person to just use all butter. So I did but now I have a a thin batter consistancy icing. I added another pound of powder sugar but it didn't help. what can I do to salvage this icing with out adding shortening???
I'm make cupcakes for my daughter's teacher's bday and she won't eat any baked goods with criso in it. Something about being allergic to the soy in it. I've always used a classic buttercream icing but not sure what to use now. I need something that can sit out for awhile and can use for piping. Thanks!
awesome thanks! I decided to switch to sucker sticks just to be on the safe side!
okay awesome but what is gum glue?
i'm trying to suspend shapes in the air simular to this: fondant wouldn't set so I mixed fandant with gumpaste and I got a really great workable product. but now my problem is that i can't get the wires to work. they are sturdy enough but they won't stay. i tried inserting them in the middle but when they were stood up the shapes would slide right down the wire. I tried heating the wire and...
does this harden pretty quick/good?
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