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I think the interiors are simply smoothed with a finger dipped in cornstarch. It's really not that smooth but is super cute.
I would use my overhead projector to do this. I HATE tracing.
I did a puppet show cake for my 3 year old last year. I found a stage online that I liked and photoshopped it purple but left the gold accents. Then I stuck some finger puppets up in the back on some skewers. You could do the theatre with gumpaste or royal icing or color flo or stiff fondant as well and just mount it on sticks. But your idea sounds super, too!
I did a cake once for my niece that I swear tasted just like an oreo. I used Duncan Hines Fudge Cake and Did my own hazelnut icing using Starbucks syrup.
Okay, I made my first batch of Michele's today so I'm going to try to color it/use it in about half an hour. So far, these are my thoughts: Obviously a bit more time-consuming to make but one batch makes a bunch so that's not really a huge deal. Upon tasting, would say that it's far too sweet but maybe I could just add more salt. Perhaps I left out salt. Can't recall. Doh. Consistency looks great, pliability looks great. Will post more after working with it.
I am just seeing all the posts about Michele Foster's fondant and am wondering how it compares to Rhonda's Ultimate MMF. Any thoughts? I am obviously thinking of just making a batch myself but wanted to know if anyone had found any differences in the way they roll out, smooth, are applied, or store. Anyone who has tried both have a preference for one of the other and why?Thanks!
Okay, so I used some extra cornstarch and tried to work with it a bit more and that seemed to help slightly. Then I got the brilliant idea of trying to add a little corny syrup for stickiness. Not a good call. I'm going to chunk that batch (it was a bit old and perhaps that was part of the problem) and try adding red powder and see if that helps. BTW, I think I forgot to mention (kind of obvious) my mmf turned funky last night when I tried to get it dark red.
You can do it in Word by measuring the circles, distances from edges, etc.
add a box or a half a box of pudding mix (instant)
Oh yeah. Duh. My Mom gave me some red powder color. Why didn't I just add that to my MMF?? (It's falling apart now instead).
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