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Anyone have a recipe for egg free royal icing?
I have heard on here that some of you have recieved this email...or similar. Here is the email I recieved. Note : The name? LOLHello, My name is james and my Fiancee name is brown. We are Having Our wedding in your city,the date of our wedding is on may 24th 2009.They are still working on the venue and as soon as the venue is ready i will let you know. Your services Are needed for our wedding,i want you to give me your fee,we will be in USA on (19/5/2009) by then the...
Funny you bring up the farm thing. My taxes have that down as my business, lol. Anyways I was 1st told no, then I looked into it more through the state then my town.I just have to follow the guidlines that I cannot sell anything parishable. I will try to find the link from when I needed the help. Hang tight.
Even though it is a business you can sell cakes as long as it is residential kitchen. Contact your health dept, they will be the ones you will be dealing with. Or at least thats how it was for me, Good luck !
I have seen this question befor and I am going crazy truing to remember for you, LOL. I will keep thinking. You could do a search for edible cake jewlery?
I have was so much fun. Made for a girl graduating from art school.
I do agree but is it rude to say Nahhhhh no need to send a deposit, The date may be booked by then. I am so confused what is proper business ediquette, and how are out of state brides handled in these situation? Hubby says The only way out of this is to ship them samples, but then I run into the quality control.
I have an out of state bride that would like to meet with me for a consult & tasting. Problem is 1. Her wedding is May 2008 (big wedding season)2. She can't meet with me till December.Now usually my customers will give a deposit "at" the consult to save thier date (if cake style hasn't been decided yet) or 50% for their order.My question is they would like to know how much of a deposit they have to give and and do they get it back at the tasting? ? I guess thats smart...
i agree thinking the top border should be a color and the arms could be "beefier" LOL. I absolutely love this cake, very cute!!!!!!
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