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Hello,I just called my sister after reading your story. She suffers from fibromyalgia and was not diagnosed after 3 years of going to doctors for different issues. It was very frustrating for her, because people didnot understand this desease and thought it was just all in her head. She was able to do an early retirement from the government and she is also applying now for disability. She mentioned this book to me "How To Lighten The Heavy Load of Fibromyalgia" by...
I think cookie bouquets are wonderful and inexpensive gifts. You can buy the terra cotta pots for 99 cents and get some Christmas rub-ons and used them on your pots. I did my first bouquets for end-of-school year presents and the teachers loved them. I had a fantastic time making them!!
I did a wedding cake with those same sizes and I had 22 people at my house and served a generous piece to all and there was plenty left overs. Price, I just did it as a present for my niece so I cannot help you there. Good luck!
OMG, I have to tell you though, that this is one of my favorite stories so far in CC. I am so sorry that the cake got kind of ruin, but you were able to save some of it. You guys looked incredible!! How romantic!! Congrats!!
OMG!! My heart goes out to youÂ… what a stressful time for you that was. No wonder you ended in the hospital and stopped baking. I guess is with everything in life, you go through rough times, but you pick yourself up and you keep going. I send you a big hug and if you love baking just make sure that you do it at your convenience and by your rules. Is not worth going to the hospital again! Take care.
Wow, I can't tell which one is the real one!!
My first fondant cake was beautiful, but people made comments how awful the "frosting" (fondant) was. I started using the MMF from this site, and people love that stuff. In my opinion, stay away from the Wilton fondant, it is terrible tasting. The MMF is soooo easy to make and very inexpensive. Give it a try.
Me encanta tu trabajo. Todos tus bizcochos son increiblemente bellos!!!
I started using MMF on my cookies and they were so sweet, did not like it at all. I decided to use Antonia's RI since everyone here loves it and now I am hooked!! Love that stuff on my cookies. I just do it exactly as the recipe said, and no one has any complaints. Maybe is like Cranberryco said, eating it with the cookie might taste better for you. I hope you give it a try again.
OMG!! I wish I can give you a hug!! Well, I am glad things turn out. HB to your daughter and good wishes to your son starting High School. Now, relax ok!!
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