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I had a very artistic 15 year old design her own cake. We'll see if I'm up to the challenge. It's an Alice in Wonderland design.
I was scheduled to make a roller skate cake tonight. The order got cancelled a few hours ago. I had a crazy stomach thing this week and now having a slow, painful recovery from a root canal on Wednesday. I am grateful for the unexpected break!Happy caking to all of you working tonight! May all of your cakes come out as beautiful as they are in your dreams!Kristy
Bob and Jan, OP has created a monster here beyond her control. I've suggested she use Google Docs to publish the templates. She's already emailed them out over 100 times! I would publish them and post the info here, only I don't have them. Am hoping OP or someone who has them will see this and help out. I PM'd OP but she's probably slammed with CC alerts already.
Their web site wasn't descriptive, was it? When I tried to zoom in, it looked like the crystal sugar was a little more coarse than the sanding sugar. I looked online and the only thing I saw was that sanding sugar is a large crystal sugar. Maybe you can email them and ask if one is a larger grain.I used to bead a lot. You have me really excited about your cake. You could use the sugars for seed beads, you could make all kinds of stones from fondant, if you have luster...
That is really neat. I might have to get one of those someday.
In thinking it depends on what you're actually going to make with your 'beads'. Sanding sugar or cake sparkles might give the impression of seed beads. You could use fondant with a glaze over it to make stone beads, like turquoise. There are gem molds that you could use.
I should not have out this last cake in the oven. I am pooped!
I use a powdered color that goes on great dry. No alcohol or liquid required!
I forgot about Friday night cake club! I am trying to make an elephant cake for my sister's baby shower. I never found what I had in mind in the gallery so I'm totally winging it.Last Friday I made a naughty cake.
Sure. My email is I jus hope it's something I can give you advice on after you've gone to so much trouble!
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