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Thanks for the help - I didn't know they made the dropper tops.  Yes, they would be helpful.
I just bought Lorann Eggnog flavored oil.    I saw it and thought it would be a good idea to add some to a sugar cookie recipe for an eggnog flavored cookie.    I know this stuff is really strong so can anyone share a cookie recipe where they added the oil or how much oil would you add to a "standard" sugar cookie recipe?   Thanks!
Hi Manddi,What a coincidence - I live in Lafayette.I'm not carving it - I have a stand up Garfield pan that I'm using. I made a trial run and used the butter recipe golden by Duncan Hines and it worked fine. I need to make it chocolate for the wedding so I'll try to get some input from somebody on that.
I need to make a stand up Garfield cake and I know a dense cake or pound cake is recommended.Has anyone made a stand up cake using a cake mix or can you recommend a recipe that works well for this type of cake?TIA!
Has anyone tried these?I don't have a airbrush because I just don't make enough cakes to justify the price (only for family and friends occasionally).I need to make a Tinkerbell cake for my niece and the one I like has airbrushed color around the edges and I was hoping to use the ready made spray colors.Does anyone have any first hand experience?TIA
FORE! This is me laughing with you not at you
Thanks everybody - now I'm off to make cream cheese icing and roses
DH bought me me something from the garden dept at either Home Depot or Lowe's. Basically, they are a small hand-held type of garden pruner (think loppers, but small).The dowels still can be a bit difficult to cut, but these are the best I've found so far. They have a turqouise colored handle and it says "Gardena 608" on the handle.The only thing I can think of that might be easier would bolt cutters and you can't find those in small sizes.
I'm making a red velvet cake for a co-worker and will be using a crusting cream cheese recipe from here. My question is can I make roses out of this or do I need to make a regular batch of stiffened buttercream.Also, I see there is a recipe calling for butter and a recipe using all Crisco. I've never tried to make roses from a recipe that has butter - will my roses start to "melt" if I do use the crusting cream cheese for roses?I have to bring it to work on Tuesday and I...
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