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I used heavy whipping cream. Added more cream last night. I did have it in the frig, so maybe I just need to wait longer for it to come to room temp? How long do you usually leave it out of the frig before you use it? If it's still a little hard, will it whip up ok?
Well, I thought the ratio was 2 parts chocolate, one part cream. I had a large bar (17 oz) of dark chocolate, and I used 1 cup (8 oz) of cream originally. Then, I re-heated and added more cream, but it's still pretty hard. Will I ruin the chocolate if I keep re-heating it to add more cream?
Made my first ganache and am having trouble with it. When it cooled, it was rock hard. So, I re-melted the chocolate and added more cream, and when it cooled it still was hard. Should I re-melt again and add more cream? I ultimately want to whip it to make a filling, but I think it's still too hard to even whip.
Does anyone have a dairy free ganache recipe that you like? I'm looking for one that can sit out for a day or two without refrigeration just like other ganaches.
I am making a cake with raspberry filling and a whipped ganache filling. My question is, should I place the raspberry filling and whipped ganache filling, one on top of each other, or should I put the fillings in separate layers (separate each with a cake layer). I'm thinking if I put both, one on top of each other, without cake separating them, it might all mush together and taste and look weird?
If the ganache is whipped, can it still stay out for say 2 days? I thought I read somewhere that whipping it can cause it to go bad faster...
Anyone know how long can I leave a cake with a chocolate ganache unrefrigerated?
I think I did keep them in the freezer too long, and maybe I should have waited a bit after I heated the chocolate to dip them in? I found that taking some cake balls out of the freezer, got too soft for dipping. Then I tried keeping them in the frig, but still had some cracking.
I'm in the middle of my first batch of cake balls. At least 5 of chocolate coating on it have cracked. Is there a way to prevent this cracking?
I need to make a cake in a springform pan. It is a cheesecake with pudding on top, and a crust on the bottom and sides. My question is, how do I put it on another plate once it is made? Can I transfer it off my springform pan somehow without ruining the cake?
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