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For my church's Fall Festival this year, I did a Live Demo of a 3-D "Grinch Head" using a styro wig form to build the sculpture off of. I built up the cheeks and mouth area with pre-made "crispy rice" treats. All went well for the demo as I showed visitors how the facial features were shaped in icing, then covered with fondant, detailed with more icing, etc. Because I used styro , I failed to use any "extra support" to hold the "rice treats" in place. The cake held up...
Here is a 3D grad cake I did with a fodant diploma and a cap & tassel.the top of the cap was made with white "chocolate" candy coat, then covered with fondant. I incorcorated the school colors throughout.If the eagle mascot is wanted then you could possibly draw it as a "seal" on the diploma???Good luckJef
Rock Hill area....Near Charlotte,NC.
Thanks for all of the feedback. I decided to copy the artwork from my nephew's invitation. Since I would be traveling a little farther out than usual, I went with a cutout shaped cake and added raised details. Not as grand as a full 3 D cake, but safer to travel with.....The kids loved it and I had to laugh at the sight of a room full of 8 year olds with dark gray lips, teeth, and tongues after they had eaten all that black icing.....
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