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I LOVE IT!!!!! Gary is did a great job, way better than the picture they gave you. Did you happen to see how they cut it??? It was probably interesting!!
glad it worked. Can't wait to see it!!
If I had to do it, I would do the front , top and back with one big sheet like you said. Then I would do one long skinny one to cover the top and sides. It would be a double layer on top but, you wouldn't have to worry about sliding. Then like someone else said the rolled border would cover all seems. I can't wait to see how it turns out, it's going to be so cute!!
I find that the chocolate version is a little moist also. Do you have to make it chocolate? because the original WASC recipe is the perfect cake for carving and decorating..hth!
how about a princess or barbie cake on top of a 10" or 12" round?
Thanks , that does help. I guess I'm not sure if they are to be eaten or not. Also, are they supposed to be hard like royal icing when they dry ?I have never used MMF so I really don't know anything about it.... thanks for any help!!!
How far in advance can I make MMF flowers and how do I store them after I make them ? I want to put them on top of cupcakes and I have never done them before.. please help!!
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