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Your idea sounds like it might work, because it's very similar to the directions for making a marble cake. I'm thinking that when you make a marble cake, you pour in one color batter, then drop the other color by the spoonful over that, and then swirl the batters together a little with a knife to get that marbled effect. Good luck
What about balloons and streamers? All could be done out of buttercream, although you could either airbrush them or make the balloons with a chocolate candy mold. Just use multiple bright colors and it will look very festive.
Is the one you have the Soft Pink or the deeper one? I've got the Soft Pink and it sprays pretty dark. I've never used the Chefmaster colors, only Americolor and Kromacolor.
Thanks for posting this. We all have our favorites, but it never hurts to see something new. Another excuse to spend even more time on the computer
I deliver wedding cakes only, and the delivery charge is built into the cost of the cake, within the metropolitan area of Dallas. where I live. Outside that area, I charge by-the-mile (both ways) and I think it's around .30 per mile. I've never had anyone complain and have even had people opt for delivery service once I explain to them what goes into setting the cake up.
Beautiful cake and I love your calla lilies
I've used Pamela's Chocolate cake mix, and it's good enough for even those who don't have allergies to eat. I used the gluten free booze cake recipe on and not a crumb was left. The other brand I've found that I really like for allergic people is Namaste. carry more cake flavors, and kbochick's method would make it vegan, too.I've also tried scratch gluten free recipes and...
Your flowers are beautiful! I wish my roses turned out half as good as yours.
Ditto what dydemus said It looks like the shape of a giant Hershey Kiss! Hmmm, wonder if you could cover one of those in fondant?
When I was in college and home on the weekend, my mom and i decided to make tuna salad for lunch. We were out of celery, so we decided to substitute cucumbers, figuring one green veggie is the same as any other, right? LESSON LEARNED - Cucumbers make tuna salad watery and slimy!
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