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Both my 31 year old daughter and 39 year old daughter-in-law are heavily into Hello Kitty stuff. In fact, I just made my daughter a Hello Kitty birthday cake.
Thanks so much for sharing this technique. It's so much easier than making royal icing roses, or even using a rose petal cutter and cutting out each petal individually. I wish I'd seen this before I made 50 fondant roses yesterday, but I'll save your post for the next time I need to make roses.
I store both my cookie cutters and chocolate molds on pegboards hung on the garage walls.
I use a recipe very similar to Jen's and it works well both as a filling and as an icing. If it's not stiff enough for piping, add more powdered sugar.Warning: if there are any leftovers, you will find yourself with spoon in hand until there's only the empty container!
I threw out all my Wilton colors when I discovered the Americolor ones. They work so much better for me. I mix up red or black 24 hours ahead, so that the color will have time to deepen.
Congratulations! I just got an airbrush,and I love it. My airbrush class instructor said to use the airbrush colors, but others on this board with more experience may have different opinions. We were told, however, that luster dust can be mixed with lemon extract (or vodka) and sprayed through the airbrush. I tried that yesterday and, OMG, I will never go back to painting on buttercream with a brush!
I'm in Richardson, which is right across the street from Dallas. Talking cake sounds like fun!
For all first time customers, a 50% deposit is required to hold the date and balance is due on pickup (I only deliver wedding cakes). For wedding cakes, a 50% deposit is required to hold the date and the balance is due 2 weeks before the wedding.
Congratulations! Being a grandmother is the best thing ever!
There are several copies for sale, in various conditions, on, but you'd have to contact the individual seller to see if they'd ship to Australia.
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