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Love the cake! Your work is beautiful!
I use the fat straws from McDonald's or Whataburger. Of course, that means I must order a milkshake each time I need some straws so I can justify picking up extra straws. I'll have to check out the straws at the local Chinese grocery store. Thanks for the tip!
The cake is gorgeous and you gave them what they ordered. As some OP have said, they probably spent too much on another part of the wedding and are trying to make some of it back, at your expense.
I do cake-shaped cookies as wedding favors. If one of my standard designs is chosen, the price is $1.75. If I do a custom design to match the wedding cake, the price is $2.00. This includes individual bagging and a ribbon tie.
Happy Birthday and congratulations on your birthday gift! I got one for my birthday last month, too, and I love it! Your cake looks marvelous!
I've tried the chocolate oil by Lorann and didn't think it tasted very chocolate-y.You could try icing the cake in chocolate buttercream, and then lay a thin layer of vanilla buttercream over that (colored whatever shade you need). I think that the chocolate buttercream would cover the vanilla flavor and you'd get the flavor and color you want.OT, but the reason why I think that would work - my husband had called on on a client years ago (an ice cream manufacturer) and in...
I would love for someone to make the icing and do the cleanup. I don'/t mind baking or icing the cake, and I love the decorating. I figure that's my reward for doing the other stuff! Actually, I just had foot surgery, and my husband will be doing everything but the icing of the cake and decorating for me for the next six weeks!
Congrats! That should make life easier for you, plus you got a fantastic bargain
I baked the layers for my daughter's wedding cake three weeks ahead, crumb coated them, wrapped them REALLY well, froze them, and they were so moist and yummy on her wedding day. I iced and decorated them on Friday, and her wedding was on Sunday.
Wow! What a fantastic opportunity! Sounds like it's going to be so much fun. Best of luck to you on this adventure
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