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I got one of those science fair tri-fold boards at Walmart. I put a vinyl cloth on the table and place the tri-fold board around the work area. I've never had a problem with overspray that way. I also take narrow pieces of waxed paper and put them around the bottom of the cake, tucking in slightly, and pull them them when finished. This gives a clean edge to the cake.
You might also want to bring along a box of toothpicks to the venue to help attach the strawberries in the cascade. Sometimes I've needed them and sometimes I haven't, but it's better to be prepared. Ditto what Wendy and Cyndi have said about the strawberries!
Thanks! I'm off to the kitchen!
I want to try out the WASC recipe, since I've never done it, but was wondering if it could be frozen, because of the sour cream.
thanks so much for all the suggestions. Molly, I love your cake - any little girl would be thrilled with it!
I've been asked to do a "Pretty in Pink" themed cake for an 8 yr. old. There will be 10 people or less at the party and the mom has pretty much given me free rein, as the party is being held in a restaurant and all linens, etc. will be provided by the restaurant. Any ideas will be so welcome!
I've done this a few times on buttercream. I ice the cake, smooth it, and then "paint" on the pattern, using a light hand, very soft paintbrush and a mixture of black petal dust mixed with lemon extract. Then I use a mixture of gold luster dust and lemon extract for the accents. I got a leopard print stencil at a craft store the first time I did this, but have done it freehand ever since.
I don't think you're asking too much, but I do think that people are looking for bargains at craft fairs and don't understand all the work and time you put into your cookies. Good luck with the next one, though. Having samples is a great idea, so that people will be able to see and taste how good your cookies are!
I use the bubble tea straws, too, since they are 1/2" in diameter. I use a wooden dowel rod pushed through the center of all the tiers (makes the cake stable during transport), which I've sharpened with a little handheld pencil sharpener.
What a stunning cake!
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