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If you have access to a store that sells cake supplies only, they will probably have the little containers of luster dusts that sell for around $4-$5 each. More expensive than the Wilton brand, but in my experience, works a whole lot better than the Wilton. I agree with the OP about mixing the dust with vodka or a clear extract, makes it easier to cover the fondant than brushing it on dry.
You did a great job on that cake! The hardest part of making my first handbag cake was the zipper. I read the purse tutorial mentioned in this thread and saw the silicon zipper mold, but it sells for 13.99.I went to the fabric store and bought a heavy duty zipper for less than 2.00. I pressed it into rolled out fondan, cut it out and painted the zipper with the gold luster dust/extract mixture and it came out looking just like a real zipper!
Thanks so much to everyone for the info. I've never used them before, and wasn't sure how to proceed, but now I know!
I'm making a a tequila bottle cake and thought I could mold the neck out of Rice Krispie treats, so I bought a box of them. Is there anything special to do so that I can mold them into shape, like heating in the microwave? Or can I just use them right out of the box?
I made one using dummy cakes and I frosted it with chocolate butterccream, then attached the snack cakes with a just little extra dab of icing.
Some stores will and others will not. It depends on who is at the bakery counter that day. I've had varying success trying to get them, but one place to try is Super Target, if you have one in your area. Walmart woludn't sell to me. The other place to try is a store that only sells czake decorating supplies. You could also try doing a frozen buttercream transfer, using a page from a coloring book as your template.
I use double or triple foamcore boards, depending on how big/havey the cake is. Occasionally, I've used plywood sheets, but they add so much weight that the cakes are harder to lift and carry.
Wilton makes single-size cupcake boxes, which come in a package of three for 3.19.
I did something similar to what marksmum said. I iced the cake in cocoa buttercream and then mixed brown luster dust with lemon extract and painted the grain lines with a small lightweight brush.
I did one using the long loaf pan. I made it an upsidedown version, so I carved the ends a little. I used Oreos for the wheels and molded fondant axles, which I painted with silver luster dust. I made the decal from fondant, which I detailed with edible markers. Here's the link:
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