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What about using those long pretzel rods as dowels? I've used them for years as tree trunks and they don't disintegrate from contact with cake/butteream icing.
Gourmet grocery stores (and sometimes the "regular" ones) carry edible flowers in the produce department.
What about using egg cartons? that's what I use to transport chocolate-dipped strawberries.
Mine is the Makins Ultimate, 16.65 at Works great as long as I remember to add just a little bit of shortening to the fondant. Easy to clean.
I use the DH red velvet, and add a box of white chocolate pudding mix, 4 eggs, 3/4 C each of oil and water, and 2 tsp clear vanilla. Makes a nicely moist cake.
You could try Google Images. Just type in "Hennessy cake" and seewhat hits you get. Or just type in "Hennessey(sp?) label" and see what comes up.
I use my own calculation (2" x 2"), which is a little bigger than the Wilton Party Chart., for everything, so my price is the same for party and wedding.
I have the Cuisinart 7 qt. and I love it. I had a KA 5qt. that died in the middle of mixing a wedding cake, and I was going to get a KA 6qt. but when I saw the Cuisinart, I had to have it. Plus, it's a little shorter than the old KA was, so it fits on the counter under my overhead cabinets, which the KA did not.
This is such a great idea! I've got a Chinese friend whose birthday is being celebrated on Tuesday at a Chinese restaurant, and I'm going to make them for her party! thanks for the directions.
I have a closet in my unused bedroom that holds most of my supplies on a shelving unit. But the spillover takes up two whole kitchen cabinets! And that doesn't count my cake pans - the shaped sets are on a shelf unit in the garage, and the character pans hang on the walls of my laundry room. Candy molds hang on a pegboard in the garage wall. My new toys that I got at the holidays aren't even away yet. Guess I'm not very organized after all.
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