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You can get it for 295.00 at
I saw a picture of Debbie's dragon cake surrounded by cupcakes, which were iced with brown icing piped from the grass tip (to look like a nest), each one having a jellybean egg on top.
If you get the white candy mold that's for hard candy, you can melt Jolly Ranchers in the microwave and use that to get the clear jewels. You have to work fast, though, because it cools off and gets hard quickly.
Cover your table or counter with sheet vinyl from Walmart and also get a tri-fold science project cardboard from Walmart. That's what works for me.
What about cutting out white fondant circles of different sizes, dusting them with pearl dust so they pop, and scattering them on the cake? You could also make some kind of fondant bow for the top.
I made a groom's cake with the sides covered in a chocolate mosaic pattern. I took those Giant Hershey bars and broke them up by hand. The, with the smooth side up, I attached them to the sid sof the cake, which was covered in chocolate ganache, before the ganache was set. Here's the link to the picture:
I was at my local cake supply store yesterday and was told you can melt Jolly Ranchers in the micrwave and pour them into molds. You have to work fastfilling the molds because that stuff cools off quickly.
This is probably too late, but how about using an oval pan?
My daughter and I have both ordered from there and have had no complaints. The things we bought arrived on time and in perfect condition. HTH!
It looks great! How big is it and how many cuppies do you think you can get on it?
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