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Thanks ladies. It looks like everyone has a different favorite. Any more??
I want to buy a good rolling pin for fondant and cookie dough. I have seen the silpin but the shape kind of threw me off. Also what is the consensus on the silpat mats? I am trying to get all the things I will need before I quit work.
I was using the spray and wax paper method until I tried Bakers Joy. I love it. You just spray it and you don't have to use wax paper or parchment. The cakes just come right out.
WOW!!!I hope I can do this one day. Your cake is so beautiful. How long have you been doing this?
Yes, I work at Landstuhl hospital.
Very cute....How did you make the sheep?
Very pretty. Please tell me how to get the icing recipe.
My husband just bought me the Lambeth Method book. I have some old Wilton yearbooks for sale if anyone is interested. My husband was buying all these books and getting 2 of all of them. I had to put a stop to him buying anymore.
It is called "Lambeth Method of Cake Decoration". I have seen it priced all the way to $300.
Thanks...I'll start looking on e-bay. Hope I can be that lucky.
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