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Anyone???? I know someone has the answer.
I would like to know if anyone uses lace wraps, lace molds. They look so pretty but they cost a fortune. If they are worth it, I want to buy a couple. What are the thoughts out there?
I believe it is in course I or course II of Wilton. I remember we made small ones in class. Do you have thoes books?
Let me get on this string.....I need the answer also.
I use only Baker's Joy. No Crisco, no flour, no parchment paper in the bottom. I have NEVER had a cake to stick with Baker's Joy. Try it.
I would like to have it....
I am trying to learn as much as I can, so I have a question. I thought oil of any kind was a no no when using royal icing.
Sorry, I just have to ask.....What is bump??????
Hey, I never thought about asking this question before......Anyone out there from Augusta Ga. or Evans Ga. that gives classes on fondant or gumtex flower making????
Thank you. I have never heard of that. Is this better than the strips you put around the outside of the cake pans?
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