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Hello All~I'm making a cake that is 3 tiers. The smallest & the largest will be actual cake. The middle tier will be a cake dummy. How do you suggest I ice this? The rest of the cake will be white buttercream. Do I just put the icing directly on the dummy? Do I cover the dummy with something like seran wrap? Won't the icing slide off? That would be the absolute last thing I'd want to happen!Sorry if this has been addressed previously. I entered it in the search but nothing...
Thank you all so very much for your professional opinions and advice! It's so appreciated!
Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. Next month I'm delivering a cake to an offical wedding venue for the first time...nervous- Who, me? Before this I've delivered my cakes to homes and other places but this cake isn't small potatoes. The bride has given me the contact info for their wedding coordinator at the venue should I have any questions. I feel like there are some questions I should ask about arrival time, placement of the...
Hello All~ I've done a few fondant covered cakes on my own but they never turn out great. Thank goodness for flowers & other such embellishments that cover up mistakes!! In your experience, what would be the best fondant "how to" video to purchase?Thanks for your help!!Jenn
Thanks all SO much! I've made some calls but no one seems to be able to answer my questions. I'll try what you have all mentioned and read the sticky at the top of the forum...which I should have read before posting, I'm sure. Sorry about that.
Hey there everyone. I was just curious if there is anyone who has started a home based bakery in New York...not NYC. It would be a dream to be able to work from my home and this is something that I absolutely LOVE! I'm at a complete loss as to where to start. Thanks so much for any light you can shed on this for me.Jenn
awesome! Thank you SO much!!
I want to make some peace signs out of royal icing & airbrush them to look you think the color will ruin the royal icing?
Thank you all for the great ideas!
Sort of a long story... my hubby & I were engaged in early October 2008, found out we were pregnant in early November 2008, had an original wedding date of May 9th 2009 but got married in February 2009 with a small ceremony. We're now going to be celebrating with our family & friends with a huge outdoor "wedding celebration" since we didn't get to celebrate with them in February. PS. The wedding cake was awful & disgusting . Anyhoo, at almost 7 months prego, I'm going to...
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