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Sift your powdered sugar well.. and I have found that using only Kraft Marshmallows makes the best fondant.. don't know why but there is a difference...Kraft might be a bit more $$ but still cheaper in the long run.. Quality Quality.. Best of luck to you. :)
Help... I have a convection oven and my cupcakes are coming out with the tops slanted or buldging out one side of the top.. ??   I have started turning the pan around after 5 min baking time.. but still seams a bit slanted... any advice??
how about a cricut?? or go to craft store that has scrapbooking supplies.. buy some numbers and just pull them off before cutting the cake..
do you have a cricut.?? you cut cut numbers.. or... go to Michaels or craft store that has scrapbooking supplies. and buy a few numbers... just pull off before cutting cake..
Good for you!!! It is so rewarding to hear great things when you do a cake.. it gives you confidence to move to the next step.. don't be afraid to try new things.. you have a world of information and knowledge here at Cake Central.. Tap in to it as much as possible.. that is why we are all here! To SHARE Congratulations.. now get some pictures up in your gallery so you can see your progress as you learn.. Happy Baking!!
Shannonlolly... I live in Northern CA as well .. Give Sugarshacks Recipe a try.. it is great and I have no problem with it .. the recipe is here on CC. Good luck..
I purchased a Wilton yearbook and a character pan.. and Master set of tips.. 26 years ago.. It was wintertime.. and I did not drive in the snow.. so I made a batch of frosting and played and played.. every wilton year book has an instruction section. to show how to do all the effects used in the book.. It proved to be invaluable.. I didn't take a class until I had been decorating for 23 years.. That was a good thing too... Welcome to the Sugar World!!!
I have had the same problem with the black MMf.. I try to discourage the use of black fondant for covering the cake.. and try to steer the customer into just using black fondant accents.. I started buying my black fondant.. I really like Duff's However it is pricey $$$$ I just wait for coupons at Michaels 50% off and it makes it $9.00 for a container.. charge extra when using purchased fondant.. I like it so much I started buying all the Colors,, makes it much easier when...
Fondant or Buttercream.. I rub shortening on the ribbon the put it on the cake.. REally easy and will move if you need it to move.. also no grease "spots" on the ribbon.
I agree live and learn.. but.. remember you are new to this.. and that customer gave you the opportunity to try something you have never done before.. so you have gained experience too. Next time you will know how much to charge for sure.. been there done that!
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