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This is the post you are looking for...let me know what you think.
They could do rice treats since technically is not a dummie.
Not sure how to bring this to date...people are asking me about the tutorial...
Uso manteca emulsificada. I don't use meringue powder on my buttercream and the icing is very stiff so there is no need to wait. No fuzzy stuff int he icing.
OK I want to see some pictures
Puedes dejarlo afuera pero yo pongo el mio en el refrigerador. Yo uso la toalla de papel imediatamente.
The water is boiling and the hot spatula stay there for a few seconds and then dry with a paper towel before passing it in sections around the cake. You keep repeating until you are all the way around the cake.Since I don't put merengue powder on my icing the buttercream stays soft and creamy. Also it doesn't crack at all.
I am sure medium consistency would be fine but I use stiff because I don't like to wait to use the viva towel...I use it right away after the hot knife. Now that said...I am a rock climber and have really good forearms getting a stiff icing out of an 18 tip is no easy task stiff. I make my own fondant and it has a great flavor but nothing compares to the flavor of my buttercream, plus I think I can smooth a buttercream cake better than a fondant cake...since most of my...
Your welcome! I hope many of you get to try it. The tier I used for the pictures is now on my cake I did today if you want to go and look at the final result It is the one with the red fondant bow and ribbons.
Hi Rachel, I answered both questions at the top of this page...let me know if it is not clear and I will explain again. Thank you all for the wonderful comments.
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