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A little tiny bit of water on the back of the letters is all I use to stick any fondant/gumpaste decor to the sides of cakes. I haven't had a problem yet. You do need to be cautious of bleeding, so only use a very small bit of water and don't move the letters.
There's a white fondant cake w/ black RI scrollwork in my photos. No problems with bleeding at all. Have fun!
Fruit fillings are always nice with chocolate, but one of my faves is Neutella mixed with buttercream. Yum!
My fave every day use chocolate cake is the "Darn Good Chocolate Cake" in the recipes (sans chips). This is actually from the Cake Mix Doctor. These books are great! Definitely check them out. Also in the recipes, check out the White Almond Sour Cream cake as well as the Cake Mix Extender.Sorry, I'm not too original in my ideas. I just use other people's recipes
Before I have my second disaster with this cake (already had to strip off all the icing and start over), I thought I'd ask the experts. What's the best way to affix fondant drapes to buttercream?Thanks!Alicia
I'm very anti-power tool so I usually have DH cut my dowels for me. Timing can get tricky because he's a police officer and often isn't home when I'm working on cakes. I think I saw someone mention a Craftsman tool that worked well. Anyone have suggestions?Thanks!
I looooove Buttercream Dream, but lately I've had issues with air bubbles. I'm pretty obsessive about creaming my butter/shortening, could that be the problem? Here's my process.-cream the h$#% out of the butter and Crisco (sometimes med speed, sometimes high)-add the vanilla and mix a bit more (I sometimes also add coloring here)-sift in 1 lb. of sugar, mix to incorporate (slow to avoid a cloud)-scrape the bowl, sift in last lb. of sugar, mix to incorporate (slow speed...
I'm another buttercream dream devotee. Yummm!
I'm having the hardest time with this. I've tried the cake mix extender recipe with Devil's Food mix, replacing the 1 C. flour with 2/3 flour 1/3 cocoa. I've done it 4 times and each time ended up a burnt mess on the bottom of my oven? What in the world am I doing wrong?
I feel you. That can be so frustrating! I'm the last batch turned out well.
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