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You have to work /knead Satin Ice before you try to roll it out. In the winter or when the A.C. is on I put it in the microwave for a few seconds then work it until it is smooth and it rolls perfectly.
Do you have the right size oven safe bowl? That will work.
I found that coloring my own white or chocolate Satin Ice fondant was a real pain in the butt! The consistency was bad even after adding more CF,so now I order Red & Black (Satin Ice) from Global Sugar Art.
So sorry for your experience.99% of my cakes are picked up by customers. I always send a photo with them of their completed cake. Before they pick it up I let them know the dimensions of the box and that it must sit level for transport. I also include a square of none skid so it won't slide. They are also informed that once the cake leaves my presence it is solely their responsibility.
Adding a little GUM TEX powder to the fondant helps.
I live in Georgia and it can get very humid so I use color flow when the weather will be too humid to insure RI pieces don't crumble before the cake is served.
4" is good and standard as far as I know, it's what I always use unless the design calls for something more.
Here is a site that sells packs of 50 Jumbo Tea Straws for $1.50 per package./
You should be able to upload it to your computer from your cameras internal memory as long as you have a cord (USB) for your camera.
I use red liquid food coloring for this ( grocery store spice/baking isle)and add it to my milk so it won't be too runny from the extra fluid.Usually 3 Tablespoons. If it is too thin after mixing I add more sifted confectioners sugar until it is right.
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