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Badger 360 - I love it. It has a gravity feed cup and you can turn it around and then it is a suction(?) that you put a bottle to. It is great.
I went to a cake show last year which was a local clubs show. They had quite a few demonstrations that I learned a lot from. I also learn a lot from books. Look at local cake stores (not Michaels, AC moore, etc) - they usually will offer classes or at least know where you can take classes. Sometimes, you can call a baker in the area that you know and they will give you classes for a reasonable fee. I hope I gave you some ideas.
I'm not sure what you mean by food safe dye - I assume you mean food coloring. I have a badger 360 which is not made for cake decorating. It works great. I use wilton food gels thinned with vodka to spray. They sell airbrush coloring, which is good to use, too. I just have to go to a cake store and it is 40 minutes away. Plus they are a little expensive. I buy one each time I go. The wilton/vodka method works for me. HTH.
I start my cakes at $3 a serving for buttercream with an extra $1 serving for fondant. The turrets would be extra. If it were me, I would figure how much time it took me to make it and multiply $25 an hour to that time. So, say the cake serves 50 people (which is my guess - 12", 10", 8" round tiers) - it would be $200. Than, I would guess the turrets would take about 1-2 hours. So, the cake would be about $250. That's what I would charge. HTH.
I am a total perfectionist and stress-a-holic. And the thing is - I'm too lazy to be a perfectionist, if you know what I mean. Once it's done, it's done. It's not like I can erase it, even if I pull piping off, it leaves a mark. I'm trying not too stress out, but I can't help it. I'm getting better in my talent, but I still think I'm a hack! And I figure, if someone is paying $300 for a cake, I should make it flawless. But, I guess that is the wrong way to think. ...
People on this site swear by MMF, so they are better judges on how to make it work. I have never had luck with it. If you can't get it to work, try toba garrets fondant recipe.'s the link to it. I use vanilla extract instead of what it calls for. I use glycerine, too, even though it says optional. I swear by it and it is the only fondant I use. HTH.
IMO, Yes. If it is so moist it is crumbly or something. I just made a cake this past weekend and I am always looking for that moist cake. Well, the bride gave me a recipe she wanted me to use and it was soooo moist it was unstable. I really was nervous about stacking on it. But, I don't know if it was not cooked enough, or something. Other people who are more experienced than I may know how to make it work. It just fell apart when I flipped it, torted it, iced it. ...
I have a badger 360 that does both gravity feed and bottle feed. I love it. I got it at Michaels for 50% off witha coupon. I got my compressor at Harbour Freight and have an airbrush from there that came with the compressor.
Charming, I admire your ability to make this statement and mean it!!!!!!! You go!! I am working toward that goal and some day...maybe, just maybe, I should achieve that goal.
Guys, you are making me feel better. I was thinking about that, too, that if they were truly unhappy I probably would have heard from someone today. I look at the picture and think it doesn't look too bad, but when I saw it in the hall after I put it together, I thought they are going to be upset. Maybe in the dim light, it was un-noticeable. Thanks for the comments and support and honesty. Today is a day I really needed it. Thanks!
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