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I have made tulips before, but it's been at least 3 years. I tried looking in my stuff, but only found dafadil instructions. I think I may have based it on that. But, in a quick google search, this link - seems to be pretty close to what I did. This link - - gives you pictures. HTH
That's mainly what I use. Vodka mixed with gel - it works well, I've found. HTH
I use clay books. Same type of medium and it works well. My favorite for characters and clothing included is "How to Make Clay Characters" by Maureen Carlson. I get it out of my library. Fantastic book. HTH
Practice. Also, when you are spraying, do not start spraying directly on the cake - start a little off and keep it moving across. If you start by pointing right where you are aiming, you may get the spot. I would be some books on airbrushing and practice on paper towels. That's how I started. I'm not great, so hopefully someone else will have some other ideas, but this is what works for me. HTH
I have a badger - it is just a regular model car type brush. Not specifically for cake. It works great for me. I also have a cheap $20 airbrush that came with my compressor and that works well, too. Actually, my badger is broken right now, so I am using the cheapo and it does just what I need. But, I don't airbrush pictures or flowers - I'm more of an airbrusher if I want a red tier or if I want luster dust on the cake. I love it.
I made a little man out of fondant and he is wearing a black suit. There were some cracks on his sleeves, so I decided to paint his black suit with black to hide the cracks. My little man now looks like he is wearing a very dark, metallic green leisure suit. I have no idea what happened - I've done it before (painted). I used Country Kitchen's black gel. Any suggestions why it would have done that and if I can fix it and if I should bother fixing it or leave it for...
Eh, he didn't come up. My computer must be off. Sorry. There might be one in my gallery, but I honestly forget. Good luck!
I use an armature that I make. Basically, I take two pieces of wire and twist them together to make arms and legs. I then cover the "body" with tin foil. I use a block of styrofoam to hold the person up - I always make the legs longer than I want so I have enough to stick in the styrofoam and eventually the cake. Make sure you make the tin foil to shape of the body you want, but much skinnier, because when you add fondant/gumpaste, it will thicken. It is always easier...
If you are afraid it will topple, it sounds like you may have not made a dense enough cake. If it is very light and springy, it makes it harder to sculpt and make it cooperate. But, if you have icing covering it and a dowel through it, it should be fine if it is only the size of an actual can. The best suggest I have is to cut more circles and squish the cake so it is a little denser. But, I don't know how well it will work. Good luck.
I made a soda can for my daughter's 3rd birthday, but it was a full size cake. But, if I were to cut it down, here's what I would do: Bake a sheet cake to whatever size would work for this. Use a circle cookie cutter (a glass will do if you don't have a cutter) and cut out however many circles it would take to stack the size of a can. Stack the circles (ice in between) and ice the whole thing. I used fondant and what I would do for a cake that small is cut a...
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