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I just ice right on my turn table and then place the cake on a larger board to put in the fridge. HTHDanielle
Congratulations!It's such a great feeling to finally get the inspection over with! I remember waiting and waiting to get it done, and when I finally did, it was a piece of cake! No pun intended! That's Awesome, good for you!Danielle
I was soo upset that I missed it last week! I keep waiting to see if they'll do a replay of the show. I forgot to set the DVR!!!! I'm glad to see that it will be on in May though.Thanks for the update!Danielle
My Birthday was Wednesday and I had to make one for myself as well. And then my kids decorated it. They're 10 and 5 so use your imagination! Happy Birthday!
Sorry, that was supposed to say, flush 1 packet down the drain 1 a month, to keep it working.
I haven't had any problems with my septic. I do get if pumped every year or every other year. The person that pumps it, said just to put 1 packet of dry active yeast down the drain, and it's natural enzymes will take care of the rest.So far so good! HTHDanielle
what about a touch of brown and a touch of yellow?That's the only thing I can think of.HTHDanielle
I made a ladybug cake out of all bc. Just use a #10 tip in red, then a black line and dots on the red, for head use the black bc and add white eyes. Then I but black dots around in a line to show that the bug was walking around. I wish I had a photo to send.HTHDanielle
you can go to the dollar store, they carry this stuff called "AWESOME"It got red food coloring out of my carpet, and off my kitchen floor after 24 hours of me not noticing! HTH!
Great link! THanks
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