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How much cornstarch do you use?
Curious about using the cornstarch??? How much do you add?
Will fondant stick to graham crackers? If so, how?  I want to create a barn out of graham crackers,  like you would a gingerbread house, how would I get the fondant to stay stuck to the crackers to cover it? Hope that makes since! Thanks!
Can someone tell me what is the icing consistency for making the petal cake? I believe that you use the tip #12, but not sure if the icing needs to be thin like when you ice the cake or a little thicker? Thanks!
I'm not sure what I am doing wrong! I have seen some beautiful fall leaves made from candy melts. The suggestions were to use silk leaves that have been washed, coat them with melted chocolate, let cool ( I cooled mine in the freezer), then peel off the chocolate. Sounds easy enough, right? When I peeled off the chocolate, all of my leaves broke. So can someone please share what I am doing wrong, or give advice on a different approach? Thanks!
Love the tutorial! Thanks for the photos. Really helped out! Now I have courage to try!! Just curious...I have seen bows that have a trim on the edge of each side of each loop. How is this done? Any advice on how to achieve this look is appreciated!
Just wondering if you bake sugar cookies and decorate with RI, how many days ahead of time can they be made? If 3-5 days before the party, can they be wrapped and placed on the counter, or will they need to be frozen? Thanks for the advice!
This is probably a dumb question but how do you get the cake board of your bottom tier to stay attached to your covered board so that it won't slide around? Also do you add your bottom tier's border before or after you put it on the covered board? I guess I'm just not understanding. Please help!
Indydebi you sound like a really cool cake lady! You mentioned that you trim before flipping out of the pan. Please explain how you do that. I am having a time understanding. Is this to level it? Leveling in my hardest part!!!! I detest it!!!
poohsmomma is the contact paper not food safe? If not, can you place wax paper under your cake so that it's between your cake and the contact paper?
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