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Since the head is going to be cake, I would carve the shape of her hair into the cake
Here is one I did without the blue background
I order from them all the time and I think they are great. Items usually arrive 2-3 days after ordering. If you type cakecentral in the coupon code you will get 10% off your order
Maybe try Cool Whip's new frosting. It might be stiff enough to pipe roses
When I worked at Walmart after the bucket was opened it could be used for up to one month. It does not need to be kept in the fridge.
Your Welcome, I'm glad you liked it
I'm from Iowa also and I probably would have charged $4.00/serving for this cake. Yes it's a shaped cake but to me it looks like it is just a round cake in the middle with a small sheet cake trimmed to fit on each side. I do think you undercharged due to your serving size though. That cake looks like it would serve a lot more than 30.   I use this recipe for banana cake, it tastes and has a similar texture to banana bread. I have added nuts with no problem.
A full sheet at Walmart in my town is $35 and is 16x24. I worked at the bakery for four yours and the previous posters are correct when they say that Walmart sells cake at a loss. I did the ordering for my department.  A case of six 1/2 sheet cakes cost the store $120.
I actually use a wallpaper scraper that I bought in the painting section at walmart.It has a really nice edge to it and works really well. It did have a handle but I removed it by unscrewing a couple screws. I bought it awhile ago so I don't remember the brand.
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