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It dries alot faster and without alot of the stickiness you might get from clear vanilla or water.
Sometimes it helps if you walk away for a few minutes...and if the kids are in bed!
Keep in mind that no two bakers/decorators will get the same results. I know plenty of people who make cakes from mixes just like I do and they do not taste, look, or seem the same in any way as the ones I make. It's all in the execution!
this happened to me a couple of times also. i thought it might be that the coating that forms around the cake from the greased and floured pan. so i started brushing it off with a pastry brush and i haven't had a problem with that since.
a new tattoo! happy birthday!
i agree with K8...if her complaints were about the appearance of the cake and they actually served and ate it, it mustn't have been too bad. if i were the bride i probably would have been upset if the cake didn't look how i wanted it to but i would've been even more upset if it was inedible. the bottom line is that ingredients cost money. your money. i think that at the very least you need to keep whatever you spent on your supplies. i really hope that you can put this...
it's basically sifted powdered sugar mixed with a little water or milk and some sort of flavoring.
wilton actually does make a 4 inch pan but it is a dark pan. it comes in regular round and springform.
i have made petit fours using the same batter i use for making cakes. you make a 9x13 cake and freeze for a little while when its done for easier cutting. i brush them with an apricot glaze then follow with a glace' icing. once they firm up a bit you can then decorate them with buttercream, royal, or fondant.
i was also looking into buying one of these products from williams sonoma and when i asked the woman working there at the time she said that they were about the same quality product but the attachments weren't readily available for the cuisinart. you have to have them ordered. but KA attachments you can buy in the store.
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