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In my experience, if you use distilled water, the "ice" stays crystal clear with no yellowing.
You could strain the colours through some cheesecloth, maybe?
My husband did a TON of research before he bought my compressor and he went with the Iwata Silver series (it was on sale and was an excellent deal). Now I am searching for a good airbrush to go with it! Any hints on that end?
I have the Americolor ones that I bought from (they only charge $7 flat rate for shipping throughout Canada). The colours are nice, but seem to run out really quickly. It could have been an old set maybe, but I think I should have gotten more use out of them than I have. I do really like the tips on them though - very paintbrushy.
It can cut soft food only. ProvoCraft says that it can cut cheese, pie dough, etc. but it has to be so thin to get the best results and I'm not sure how good a 1/16" cookie would be
The dark fondant might have been steamed before being added to the cake - that could account for the shine.
Thanks for the thoughts guys. I've been cruising around and looking at pics on here and it looks like most people go for a 4" tier...I think that looks the best.
I'm having a bit of an argument with myself, and I'm hoping some people can share their thoughts!!When making a tiered cake, I prefer to use two 2" high cakes to get a tier that is over 4" high once I've filled it. However, I'm seeing a lot of places selling "decorator" pans that are 3" high and meant to be torted and filled. These seem rather small to me...but maybe I'm just thinking of this wrong...using two pans gives me double the clean-up to do after all.What are you...
I do both. I use veg shortening on my hands and anything wooden but icing sugar on everything else. I find that using the shortening on my hands helps to keep the food colouring from sticking to me
As long as you make the RI the same day you are to use it AND you keep it in a tightly sealed container you will be fine. Keep it out of the fridge for sure. There's nothing at all in it that needs to be refrigerated anyhow.
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