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Hi. I see so many cakes with wire decor that have stars or letters on them. Is it wire or something else? Are the stars and letters fondant, gumpaste, choc. molds or else? I want to put those stars on my daughter's cake, can I buy them from somewhere? Please help.
I am amazed at the nerve some people have. You're friend should've paid you the agreed amount, plus a tip for doing all the extra setting up work at the party. True friends don't treat their friends like that. She used you and apparently was comfortable with it. It's up to you to decide if you want to continue that friendship. Also, you did a marvelous job on the cake, be proud of that.Emi
Oh my goodness! What an experience you had. I must agree with the others, you're cakes are beautiful. Apparently you valued that friendhip much more than the groom, which IMO he should've told you about the other cake. I would never do that much work for free, no matter who it's for. As in your case, most of the time people don't appriciate what they get for free, especially when they are really cluless or willingly cluless of how much work goes into making a cake. Emi
Thank you. I was thinking of using stiff buttercream, like for grass, but still don't know if cupcakes would work for the heads. Anyone else has any other ideas?
Hi. I need to make a round basket cake with couple of kittens on top (and maybe one dog) with their paws hanging out of the basket. How do I form the heads? Do I use cupcakes? Any ideas would be very helpful. Thanks.Emi.
I only use the disposable ones and the parchment triangles mostly for decorations using small amounts of icing in different colors. I used the vinyl ones a couple of times only, but couldn't get them clean enough.Emi
So far I haven't had any disasters, but I also haven't had that many to deliver. The ones I did deliver, including the 2 or 3 tiered stacked cakes were fine. I always place the cake on a plate that is as long and as wide as the cake box, that way the cake doesn't shift around. I also always place a non-skid rug on the floor in the trunk under the box and another one inside the box under the cake plate.Than I surround the cake box with other boxes all around till the trunk...
Melvira,I've got to say it too. What a talent, what an imagination, what a cake!It is awesome. The best I've ever seen. Thanks for posting it.
Yes, I think you did a great job!
This is my hobby and my husband has been very supportive from day one. I've never been to Michaels which happens to be in the same shopping area where I do my grocery shopping, so one day I decided to go in. I bought the Wilton yearbook, and got hooked. I'm a SAHM and was bored, and learning to cake decorate gave me something to look forward to each week. I went to my first Wilton Tent Sale with my husband and spend a lot of money and all my husband said was if it makes...
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