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Thanks ever one for your advice, I really do appreciate it!
Thanks Webbitz, I appreciate you taking the time to reply and help me out. I will try a test run on it a see how it works.
I have a patent leather shoe to do, and I want to get that shine that the real patent leather has. I thought about purchasing the lacquer spray, but found it to be quite expensive. I also considered the steaming technique. Does anybody have a sure fire way to get that shine on a gumpaste patent leather shoe. I don't want to try to paint on confectionary glaze, because it dries too fast and creates streaks and bald spots.
Thanks I really appreciate all your hard work in collecting these tutorials. Great work, now all I have to do is figure out how to save them in one place?
I would say you would use what ever looks the most like the back piece. I'm assuming you mean the top piece that you lift up and your screen is there. I would use something stable, and non edible, like styrofoam. I don't really like using non-edibles, but when you are talking about skinny/thin pieces that have to stand open or up on it's side, you are asking for trouble. If you use edible materials, due to the surface mass, and gravity, it is more likely to fold in on...
Thanks, I never thought about the hair drying thing. That sounds pretty good, The cracks and more like large places I had to piece together because I was trying to keep it from tearing or trying to piece it together. I think I will try some RI and see it that helps. But thanks for your great idea with the hair dryer.
Can anyone make any suggestions. I am doing a cake with tapered edges and am having a hard time getting smooth sides for my fondant. I did everything the topsey turvey video said to do, and that all worked out well until I did my fondant. I make my own fondant, and it doesn't have the same elasticity as professional fondant such as satin ice. When I got my fondant on, it started to crack along the top of the cake. This was not that bad, but I couldn't get the fondant...
There are printers that are specifically for Edible Imaging, and there are also printers that can be fitted with the edible image ink cartridges. Cannon and Epson both have printers that you can buy (Regular printers) and then just order the edible Ink Cartridges. But be aware, these printers can ONLY be used for the purpose of printing edible images. You can't use them for both edible images and regular printing. You can never run a regular cartridge in this printer,...
No my Topsey Turvey DVD didn't come with the recipe, I ordered it from GSA, but no recipe. If you would PM me or post it, this would be great and extremely appreciated. Thank you to all who responded, this is great help. I will try the recipes you guys suggested. Thanks
Does anyone have a good recipe that suites a topsy turvey cake best. I made one of these cakes and was unable to get my cake to hold up to the carving, therefore it fail apart several times. Never really got a stable cake. I know from purchasing the Video for Topsy Turvey cakes Sharon Zambito that it takes a dense cake, but I don't really have any great recipes. I thought a pound cake would be good. But was kind of looking for a more economical cake recipe. Thanks.
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