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Batter: paddleIcing: Whisk and/or Paddle depending on the type of icing
efavormart is absolutely horrible!!!! Stay away from them. I had ordered Sweet 16 favors from them with no problem, which is why I went back to them when I was looking for an acrylic cupcake stand. This was the worst purchase I have ever made. The plates were warped & it's a total disaster. Customer service was a nightmare & my issue was never resolved. Since so many of us have the same complaint I wonder if we can file a formal complaint with the BBB or somewhere like...
I make meringue like for a lemon meringue pie then take out my torch and brown it. One time I did whip up some Rich's Bettercreme and just before it was stiff add some marshmallow fluff and whip a little longer. That turned out good too.
I wouldn't be concerned about the "attorney" threat. I know several attorneys and not one of them would sue over a cake. It's just not worth it.
That's a first. Everyone here loves SMBC and IMBC. I've never had a complaint. I use the Dream Whip buttercream for kids cakes most of the time.
Put 1 tbsp of white vinegar or lemon juice in cup then fill cup to 1 cup line with milk. Let sit for 5 minutes, then use. was trying to figure out why your signature seemed so familiar. Silly me, it's "Candy-Man."
Your butter should be softened first. If you get the curdled look, just keep creaming. It will all come together. Just be patient.
Yes, heavy whipping cream is the liquid in the carton that you whip. It does not have sugar already added. You whip up the amount that the recipe calls for then fold that into your base.
I've done freelance work for a local college and the payments have to go through the central accounting dept. and lots of red tape. I have always gotten paid, but sometimes it's literally taken months. They pay extremely well, so it has been well worth it. That's the only time that I've accepted payment after the fact.
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