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For the past 5 years I've been using my chocolate version of WASC. I use:2 boxes dark chocolate cake mix (I like Pillsbury Plus)2 cups flour2 cups sugar1/2 teaspoon salt2 1/2 cups water8 eggs1/2 cup oil1 Tbs vanilla1 Tbs instant coffee1 16 container sour creamsift all dry ingred. together......add remaining ingred to mixing bowl and mix for 30 seconds then add dry ingred. and mix for 2 to 3 minutes. I like to bake at 325.This works great for large tired cakes for me. I...
I've been using the one with oil for around 5 years and I just love this cake. I use it for all of my wedding cake. I've stacked it as many as 6 high with no problem. When making white cake I only use egg whites....
I always use the WASC recipe. It makes a moist cupcake I also use different variations of the recipe for different flavors. Instead of add 2 cups of sugar, add 1 cup plus 2 boxes of raspberry (or your favor flavor) jello. It makes a great cake or cupcakes.
I purchase my shortening from CK Products. I use Bakemark brand and it cost around $43 for and 50lb box. It is truly a great product. Pound per pound, it is cheaper then crisco!!!
I bought them on Ebay. They are sooo much easier to use them wood dowel rods.
I use 2 of the 3oz packages. If you want a deeper flavor, you can use 3 packages. I think the watermelon flavor would be great!! Add a few mini chocolate chips (for the seeds) and Ice with green frosting.......Great combo
I made a GREAT discovery for flavored cake!!! I use the WASC recipe and I sub 1/2 cup of the sugar for 2 packages of whatever flavor jello I want the cake to be. I also sub the almond flavoring with something to go with the jello flavor(for you it would be lemon jello and lemon extract). This makes a wonderful moist and flavorful cake. I've made raspberry, lemon, orange, cherry, lime, and I've mixed a few flavors to make pina colada.....etc. The possiblitys are endless
I read somewhere to add 2 tbs of light corn syrup and no water to make it more pliable and it worked. I also use cream bouquet flavoring in it and it is the best tasting fondant. I used this on a wedding cake I made for a friends daughter last month and it is the first time I didn't see people taking the fondant off. Everyone was eating it and loved it!! It is also very easy to work with. The cake was square and I always had trouble getting the corners nice and...
oops.....forgot 2 tsp of vanilla.....SORRY!!
My Recipe is:2 Boxes DH dark Chocolate mix2 cups flour2 Cups sugar1/4 cup cocoa 1/2 tsp salt8 whole eggs2 cups sour cream1/2 cup oil2 2/3 cups water2 tbs instant coffeeBake the same as for WASC. Hope this is helpful. I really love this recipe. It is really moist and a nice dense texture for wedding.
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