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If it makes you feel any better, I make gingerbread houses with royal icing glue. I've made them for customers and my own grandchildren. (who held onto the houses for two weeks) then after Christmas would run around the room grabbing chunks of the house and eating it until they couldn't eat any more. Dry and two weeks old, they never get sick.
I love Duff's black and the brown fondant and keep a couple tubs on hand - I also love the liquid airbrush color (haven't tried the aerosol) because the colors seem deeper and cover more area with less spraying.
Could you include the first names of the wedding party along the cake plate edge - if the plate was covered in fondant you could use black gumpaste and alphabet cutters to cut out each letter.
I do something different. After baking a wedding cake I cut rounds out of the bubble I cut off the top to level it. Then I place it into a 4-1/2 oz. clear plastic container with a clear lid - mark the flavor on the lid and freeze it. I hold about 50 taste tests a year and participate in 4 wedding shows per year so what I don't use for taste tests, goes on a pretty tiered stand at wedding shows. Each cup contains cake, filling and a pretty swirl of icing or drizzle of...
I do my airbrushing outside on the back porch. For smaller items, I set up a large box and line it with a damp towel. The damp towel captures most of the overspray.
Yes there is. 1.) I had the same problem so you're not alone. 2.) I learned to make my fondant VERY stiff (add lots of powdered sugar) - your wrists will ache afterwards but it's worth it, 3.) Roll it out once, pop all the bubbles with a pin, ball it up and roll it out again, popping any bubbles as you go. The more you re-roll it, the fewer bubbles you'll see. Then take a fondant smoother to it before you put it on your cake. This last step flattens out any leftover...
I keep Duff's dark brown and black on hand. Tastes great but those two colors are such a pain to make by hand.
I take all of the above plus my GPS, a piece of paper and pen and scotch tape, straight pins to pin stubborn fabric in place on a slippery tablecloth and believe it or not I bring a roll of clear shipping tape - used to pick up bits and specks on the tablecloth and styrofoam pieces on the floor from candle holder boxes. Then always keep at least one business card in your pocket or bag to give to brides who have been invited to the venue just prior to an event to see the...
The cake is perfect, odd in design and color combination but it's straight, the side designs are spaced evenly and the topper matches everything else in color. If you get a call from them it should be to thank you for doing the cake in the style they wanted. Who knows why they didn't cut it - they bought it so I guess they can do - or not do anything they want with it??????? People are funny. Not funny - haha but funny (wierd).
I agree, trust your gut - if you were wrong - you get a day off - which isn't bad at all The reason she's in a panic about her cake is probably because she's already ticked off three other decorators. She already has no respect for your time and by the way taste tests are necessary in most areas - as most brides want the cake to taste as good as it looks.
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