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You know you're a cake decorator when your husband drags you to a model car show and you spot a little car on a turntable then spend the next four hours on the Internet looking for a 12" turntable to use under a cake at the next wedding show. Like someone else said, ideas are literally EVERYWHERE. I can't go into a local Hobby Lobby without my head exploding with possibilities. My next T-shirt is going to have the wording "OFFICIAL CAKE SNOB" on it. I bring the...
There's all kinds of tutorials on U-Tube, can you just google Baby Block Cake and see what pops up.
If it's for a lady, I would create a jewelry box on top of a cake, with the dancing ballerina in the center back of the box and then fill it with golf balls, made out of white chocolate in a golf ball mold.
I actually bought vanilla perfume. LOVE it. And you know you're a baker when after a late night of decorating followed by silliness and uncontrolled laughter your husband says you must have been sniffing too much of that white stuff...........Powdered sugar of course.
That's a great idea. Cut your cake board out of 1/2" foamcore then purchase a flag - sharpen the end in a pencil sharpener. Wash the flag stick off well with antiseptic soap, insert into a straw cut to the level of the top of the cake. Insert the pointed end of the stick (bottom) into the cake and down through the foamcore.
Please tell her that she's NOT purchasing a Twinky from you, it's a freshly baked cake. If she made dinner, would she think that it would still be fresh 2 weeks later.............I should hope not. She's either one brick short of a chimney or a scammer trying to get two for the price of one. If you've ever left a Twinkie out on your counter, you know what I'm talking about - they last forever.
People do eat them, even if it's a person who has had too many libations or a kid who just wants to try them. It's soft of like dragees. They're marked "for decoration only" not for consumption, BUT we all eat them. A lot of Gum-paste flowers are made with internal supports in the form of cloth covered florist wires. If someone bites into a wire and breaks a tooth, you could be in big trouble. At least if they're on a cake you can look into the eyes of the customer...
Craftsy's Joshua James Russell;s piping class was WONDERFUL.
Try Back River Box Company.
Best would be my Agbay cake leveler and my KitchenAid mixer. Worse would be Wilton Character pans because once you base coat them you can't find the design again (I know, I know, you need to decorate them with a star tip) and also the worse was a $1,000 decision to purchase an Anvil Mixer. Used it twice. So what's my problem? The mixer is perfect - great invention, I just can't get use to a mixer without a tiltup head. It sits in my livingroom and I dust it off...
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