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They'll be fine as long as you don't cross contaminate the container - in other words introduce anything on the tip of a toothpick or knife from the cake back into the bottle so that bacteria can grow. And keep them out of sunlight. should be fine. If you open a container and smell a strong odor, that's your clue to toss it.
I agree, she did a banner job. Three things that stood out once again would be to make sure both the tops and sides of your cakes are straight. The pans she's using might have flared sides and simply getting better pans would fix that. Also there needs to be more distance between her bottom cake and the middle one. See the distance between the middle and top tier - that's perfect. Her flowers and vines are all perfect. What I would do is to display them in an...
Your decorating talent isn't going to disappear as you cross the dessert, what about just relaxing and actually enjoying each special occasion - taking lots of pictures THEN once you get settled in, get back to creating - all fresh and full of great ideas. You sound all wound up and super stressed. Easy girl friend, back it down a notch and this is when all those wonderful creative juices will flow like a raging river.
Make both tiers hexagon then you can outline each square on the cake in a sort of picture frame and put one of his favorite things in each square.
My first reaction was a peony - opened but I can't see the center so it could be a parrot tulip or even some sort of orchid. the second flower down on the right looks like it has an orchid center but the flower on the left looks like an open parrot tulip?????? Anyway, it would be made using gumpaste.
The stress is what motivates us. I'm sure all good cake decorators are thrill seeking junkies. There's no greater feeling than delivering the perfect wedding cake then rushing home to download the pictures so you can see it again.
If it makes you feel any better, I make gingerbread houses with royal icing glue. I've made them for customers and my own grandchildren. (who held onto the houses for two weeks) then after Christmas would run around the room grabbing chunks of the house and eating it until they couldn't eat any more. Dry and two weeks old, they never get sick.
I love Duff's black and the brown fondant and keep a couple tubs on hand - I also love the liquid airbrush color (haven't tried the aerosol) because the colors seem deeper and cover more area with less spraying.
Could you include the first names of the wedding party along the cake plate edge - if the plate was covered in fondant you could use black gumpaste and alphabet cutters to cut out each letter.
I do something different. After baking a wedding cake I cut rounds out of the bubble I cut off the top to level it. Then I place it into a 4-1/2 oz. clear plastic container with a clear lid - mark the flavor on the lid and freeze it. I hold about 50 taste tests a year and participate in 4 wedding shows per year so what I don't use for taste tests, goes on a pretty tiered stand at wedding shows. Each cup contains cake, filling and a pretty swirl of icing or drizzle of...
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