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Perfect amount of clouds and a beautiful cake. Great job. I think that any artist does the same thing. I once kept a cute joke about this subject. Shows an artist reclining in front of his newly finished painting eating a bowl of popcorn, studying the painting as if it was a Television. We do that too. Study it to death then try to fix something that isn't broken. One thing that helps is to take a picture of it before it goes out the door - download the photo and...
I LOVED IT! and actually can't wait to see it again (after this weekends cakes are out the door) Informative, learned a lot and now dare to do several more things myself. Have been decorating for 16 years but haven't done a lot of piping. Will now. Go for it!
Yes, an easy fix would be a cute little pink jewelry box on top of a cake. I make mine out of cake, covered in pink fondant then place a purchased mirror on a piece of foamcore (that I've covered in pink fondant) insert two sharpened wooden skewers into the bottom of the foamcore and insert that into the back of the cake. Place four wooden balls that you've painted pink - onto the bottom of the foamcore cake board that the jewelry box is on (with hot glue), and fill the...
I took both Josh's class and Marinas. Josh's was fantastic and I did learn a lot. He's a great teacher. Can't wait to watch it again. There was a couple technical glitches but nothing major. I've been decorating for 16 years and got a lot out of his class. Now for Marina's class. First, must be my computer because the course halted every 10 seconds and Marinas face turned into little squares. Terribly frustrating so I had to watch it in small segments. This didn't...
You can make the gems out of fondant then paint with a gold luster dust and vodka. If you have hard sugar gems and want to paint them gold.............?????? Whatever you paint them with will dull the clear shine of the hard candy gem.
Or, you could wrap the cakes well, place them in the fridge, then drizzle a slurry over them (sugar water solution) to replace the minute amount of moisture that evaporated.
I vote yes for the silver. Beautiful idea.
Sounds perfect. Go for it.
Any of my summer brides (and a few of the early Fall too) get a warning from me that if the temps outside go above a certain point, their wedding cake WILL be covered with fondant to protect it - or I just can't take the order, because I have my business to protect. You hardly ever see compliments on line but if something goes wrong BAM!!! you see a flood of negatives............not good for I don't even want to go there. "An ounce of prevention"
I'm next door to you in NH and boy is it humid out this week. I would have put the royal plaque into my oven over night with just the internal oven light on. This small amount of heat seems to work miricles.
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