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I would use either unbreakable lace which is rubbery and will move with bumps in the road during delivery or cut up an old onion bag and use a strip of mesh from that. I also like the posters idea of using tulle, but if you don't have the open weave type, then the wow factor may be lost because you won't be able to see it.
Oh no, we're all so scared that this could happen to us, you can feel it in your wrists after a night of rolling and blending fondant. Hope you can get right back to decorating after the operation...........the urge to decorate really never leaves you.. Fingers crossed.
Lightly coat the surface of your gumpaste or fondant with solid white shortening and they'll pop right out. The others are correct, there's so many other quality tappits on the market now, if one isn't working for you, try another.
Would they allow you to post the name of the vendor who provided mirrored monograms. Sounds interesting. Oh what the heck, I'll just Google it.
I use to paint and decoupage means to paint on wood then apply a finish to it to prevent the paint from chipping off - as in coasters or trays. Back in the 80's decoupaging items with a Pennsylvania Dutch motif was very popular and a lot of the same designs could be painted onto fondant. I guess it would mean painting flowers, leaves and stems onto a fondant cake surface??? (with edible food coloring of course).
NOW you know why the "friend" said no and isn't this blood-suckers friend any more and if you're wise you'll make sure she isn't your friend either the future.
I always cover mine in MMF - since the competition is weeks away just make sure to cover your project when not in use to prevent dust and pollen from marring the finish. I use sheets of tulle. Also, when the project is completed cover with a plastic bag because MMF absorbs humidity like a sponge in the summer. then gets sticky. By the way, they all do so choosing another type or brand of fondant for the summer is a moot point.
During the taste test I always ask the couple if the cake will be served or buffet style. Then if it's buffet I make a small sign on a pup tent style foamcore backdrop for each flavor. When each flavor is cut and displayed, they just need to place the appropriate sign in front of that flavor - the guest can read the cake flavor and filling and decide for themselves which one they want to choose. If it's being served I create four flavor sheets to place on the servers...
They just took issue with the posters supposition that in finding a decorator who was operating "under the table" she could get a better deal. That's all., She hit a raw nerve.
I'm thinking 50/50 fondant-gumpaste in a mold she made from a plastic toy. Brilliantly done - so good actually that it looks plastic.......or maybe it's colored chocolate......made in sections.
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