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I've actually done this.  Baked then wrapped and froze my sons wedding cake tiers, packed them in large boxes filled with frozen ice packs.  Made huge containers of icing and stored it in large screw-top jars (canisters).  The only problem with icing a cake in a hotel room is that the sink is so small.  I used he bed as my counter for storing items not needed while icing the cake on the desk.  I wouldn't have wanted to be the person degreasing the counter tops after we...
This is a pet peeve of mine.  No matter how many times you contact the florist (any florist) by phone or in writing, they never get it right.  Not being crabby - being honest.  For example, a wedding I did last week - I asked repeatedly for one large one medium and one small corsage for the cake.  Got one small and two medium and when  I pulled them out of their containers they were soaking wet.  It was obvious that the florist spritzed them in their cases, not realizing...
That would be 170 degrees in the USA.  :-)
Getting a lot of very personal wedding cakes.  Example.  A Sugar Glider head popping out of the center of a sugar peony, tomorrow I'm delivering a 3-D hot pink edible corset on top of a hatbox cake for a bridal shower.  My brides and grooms are trying to be different - very different.  Birch bark cakes are calming down and lace is very slowly coming back - especially when they are shown edible sugar lace.
Save yourself a lot of tears and just order Sugar Dress.  Probably the same as Cake Lace but I too will only use SugarVeil if a stiff bow loop is needed.  Will be posting a corset with Sugar Dress Lace soon.  Delivering it tomorrow.  Can't wait.
Have you tried searching youtube for a video.  It's usually very helpful for me.  Give it a go.
There is a no fade purple and no fade pink - can't remember who produces it but it's wonderful.  The purple is a bit more on the pinkish side but it truly does not fade.  Wish they also made a no fade blue.
You are sick of comments by other grocery shoppers so you start making things up.  What are you going to do with all that jello - well I fill the bathtub up and relax in it.  Then laugh to yourself as you leave them with their mouths wide open, not knowing if you're kidding or not. Or, at a taste test, you know in two words, what the question the bride is about to ask.
That worked  :-)
The freezer is your friend.  Cut the chevrons out on waxed paper.  Pop them into the freezer for five minutes then remove and peel off of the waxed paper and put into place.  Cold chevrons keep their shape.
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