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I love FD and use them all the time.  But I especially love the very square sides paired with the slightly rounded corner tip because at 2 a.m. the last thing I want to do before finally resting is spend time digging out the leftover stuff in the corners of my pans during cleanup.  FD is the best in that regard.  And I don't grease or flour, just put a square of waxed paper in the bottom of all my pans - this way the cake has something to hold onto on its climb to the...
It's so intricate that it must be an impression mat pressed into the fondant after it's on the cake then overpiped with royal.  Labor intensive to the max.
 I had no ideas either but you did a banner job sorting out all the requests and giving her two for the price of one.  So glad she only calls once a year.  Gives you time to recover  :-)
I too love my KA but my next mixer will be a Cuisinart because of the 7 qt bowl and tilt head.  For some reason I can't stand the crank lift bowl feature of my 10 quart Anvil.  Only used it 3 times ............and there it sits.
Three thoughts.  1.) knead in extra powdered sugar to make it sturdier 2. Or knead in some CMC, Tylose powder to make it stiffer and 3.) roll it out on a mat that's been covered in Crisco.  This eliminates the need for steaming the fondant afterwards to get rid of extra powdered sugar.  I buy black and red and purple too (Duff's), then use it as is or add it to my own MMF to help boost the color.
It really was a nightmare and I know she'll be contacting me soon asking why I haven't gotten back to her.  I've practiced what I'm going to say.  "It's too early - you haven't booked your venue yet so you don't have a date, and you want "bling" while the father of your children insists his heart is set on a birch bark design.  My husband just kept laughing after they left because he just couldn't believe it................... I took two Advil.  Sheesh!
What NOT to say to a baker:  In large type at the top of my consultation form it reads:  Please do not bring children with you to the consultation.  They don't like to sit still.  If a babysitter can't be found, we can rebook the appointment.  So in walks a woman with false eyelashes so thick I kept thinking of big black caterpillars and  couldn't look her in the eyes.  She had three children with her under 5 and said the sitter bailed.  The kids screamed, ran around and...
Take care of getting it to the venue in one piece.   Refrigerate before delivery.  What happens to it after it sits out in heat ........................???????  Brides know that heat and fancy desserts don't mix and they're taking a chance.  Are you covering it with fondant (I hope).  .You have two choices.  sweating and melting.  I'd choose sweating any day of the week.    You see more melted cakes on Cake Wrecks than shiny cakes.  The fridge is our friend.
She said "with all this waste, don't be surprised if you catch your caterer and his crew nibbling on it when you enter the kitchen".  Blasphemy!!!!!!!!!!
IF it has to be edible the only gumpaste recipe I'd use is from Linda McClure, the creator of the Silhouette for Cakes Machine.  You can roll it extra thin to make it light and then I wouldn't apply it until the cake was in place at the venue.
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