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Could this be why they're always on "sale".
So glad I'm not your friend. No way I'd eat an unrefrigerated 7 day old cake.
It looks so concise like an impressions mat. Absolutely stunning - not that I'd attempt anything like this ever but I think if you started with a background of swirls with the back of a spoon or an offset spatula then overpiped with icing, you'd get pretty close. Are you using boiled icing? How on earth will you keep the icing on in this heat??
First, you need clarification, then I too believe you need to do two stacked cakes. One for the bride and one for the groom. Maybe you could make two gift cakes with edible ribbons.
Even if they're for your eyes only, keep your sketches until the cake or idea is complete. At least you'll know what each section means and even after a couple days pass, ideas are forgotten. Best ot record them while they're fresh in your mind.
I tried making a dummy cake for display at a wedding then two real cakes on each side of the fake cake then a sheet cake in the kitchen. I spent a lot of time making it but didn't charge for it because I knew I could use it for an upcoming wedding show. Wrong! I needed to go back to the venue to pick it up then discovered it was damaged because someone got drunk and stabbed it with a fork "to see if it was really a fake cake". So between the cost of the victorian...
I watched another video that suggests you place your dam in about a half inch from the edge instead of placing it directly on the edge. When you press down on the top of the cake (before icing it) to settle the filling and get rid of extra air, the damn spreads out to the edge of the cake but not beyond. It's the filling or the dam that's causing the love handles.
I don't do carved cakes but here's a hint that might work for you. Ice each tier and insert the straws then let it set over night in the fridge. In the morning - have a good look at the top of the cake - get eye level with it and see if any of the straws need to be re-adjusted. If the cake settles over night then you have a second opportunity to level it before puttin it together.
I love MMF. Had a really rough time with it for two years but finally, fondant became popular enough so that I could work with it on a steady basis and now I won't use anything else. LOVE it. I find that kneading in a certain way works best for me. When you knead (in general) you press down, fold and turn. But with MMF I press down and push away from me at the same time. This gets rid of any small balls of hardened powdered sugar. Don't give up, It's all in the...
Finished and delivered an unusual grooms cake. His nickname is FAX so the bride had me make a FAX machine processing a marriage license. Thought my brain was going to explode but it came out great. Tomorrow is their wedding and I'm embarassed to admit I had more fun with the grooms cake.
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