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We're all having fondant bubbling problems this weekend - it;s because of the humidity in the air. I find that the stiffer my fondant is the fewer bubbles I get
I don't have a photo to show you but I don't believe two layers will be tall enough for a cascade.. I vote for three layers.
Mine smells - because it always does but it's not as thick as yours is. I am glad you only need a small amount - after that I would toss it and get another one.
I use MMF all the time and trust me, it really is the humidity. Can you turn on an air-conditioner - one that draws out the moisture in the kitchen? If not, try making your fondant late at night after the house cools down or early in the morning. if it keeps sticking to your counter, you're not putting enough powdered sugar under it. If you feel you've added too much powdered sugar then roll the MMF out on a non-stick mat or lightly grease your counters surface with...
The above should read "Lemon Extract", not lemon juice.
Non-crusting, as in Italian Meringue Buttercream or a boiled icing? Can you pop the cake in the freezer for 15 minutes then run your metal offset spatula under hot tap water shake once then run the hot knife over the cold buttercream. Keep heating the knife and smoothing until it's all smooth. I have no idea what you have in your filling that is making all this gas inside the cake or what type of icing you made so it's hard to determine how to help you.
I think you'll be just fine. Can you refrigerate the cake over night for added insurance? Buttercream is thick so the candy should "ride" on the buttercream not melt into it.
They say to take a pin a prick here and there in an upward pin-stick motion rather than straight on. Something happens to fondant in this humidity and extra hot and humid days are the only times when I too have this problem. Pin pricks and extra stiff fondant is all you can do. Oh and keeping the cake cold until an hour before it's cut.
I've never had a red velvet cake bake up high like other cakes. Usually I get about an inch to an inch and a half. Wonder if it's all the red coloring? This happens whether its scratch or a mix. You shouldn't need a nail for such a small cake. Try putting a small amount of batter in the pan, about a third of a panfull and see if that bakes properly. You may be overloading your pan. So odd that the toothpick came out clean. Let us know what you've discovered.
What are you using for icing? If standard crusting buttercream then they suggest that you use just enough to cover the color of the cake under the icing. How to get crusting buttercream smooth? Put the iced cake in the freezer for 15 minutes then take a pot of boiling water and place it next to the cake. Take a metal offset spatula and dip it into the boiling water, shake off once over a sink then start smoothing the icing. You'll need to dip the spatula blade...
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