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Crazy idea: Why not make the cake pops in shapes - like a heart, spade, etc. That way you can insert them into the cake using the stems. Just thinking.
Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!
I wouldn't use either. Ganache and IMBC need refrigeration after a few hours because of the perishable ingredients in it (cream in the ganache and butter in the IMBC). In both cases I'd be most worried about melting then bacteria. Also please check with your carrier about allowing a cake on board and where they will allow it - in your lap, in the overhead or in the belly of the plane. Also I've heard that some demand that the cake be X-rayed so any wires from gumpaste...
I saw this done at a show. The decorator filled a dish with the smallest white candy beads - the smaller the better (teeny-tiny). Then she piped white chocolate right onto the bed of beads in the form of coral - then covered the piece in extra beads and inserted a tooth pick up through the bottom of each piece. Took just a few minutes to dry and when lifted up out of the beads, looked exactly like real coral.
From what I see, the chocolate river has solidified, and is no longer "running". To do this you need warm but not hot melted chocolate or Merkins chocolate nibs. Then on a fondant covered cake that is room temp (not cold from the fridge) you need to pour the chocolate down the front of the cake - making sure that you catch any runoff in a dish. Neaten up the end of the river and pop it into the refrigerator to harden. It's quite simple, all the best.
Sounds like they were either old or had some moisture in the bag - moisture and chocolate doesn't mix.
Working on my grandson's wedding cake. Came out great.
Decrease my orders to just a few per week.
What I would do is go get some sticky-backed shelf paper - can get this at your local large chain store, wrap it around the board and pleat it as best you can on the back then secure with shipping tape. Now you have something the ribbon can stick to. Take double sided tape and put it all the way around the side of the board and affix your ribbon. You can try double sided tape placed directly to the cake board but I really don't think it will stick. If you can't get to...
You could sprinkle a little powdered sugar over the icing under the picture then frame it with icing.
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