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Calla Lilies, hydrangeas then white roses.
All I use is plain old waxed paper. I don't grease/line/flour the sides because I want the batter to climb up the sides and stick to it so that the cake will be straight, then I just run a butter knife around the sides and it pops right out.
What you're asking took a lot of us years to figure out. All the best to you and good luck.
I have an odd mind so here's my theory. When you take your cakes out of the cake pans, do you run your hands over the surface of the sides of the cake to "sluff off" all the loose crumbs before you crumb coat. Try it and see if it makes a difference. If the icing is stuck to the sides of the cake it won't move but if the crumbcoat is riding on the surface of large crumbs, naturally it will appear to be wrinkled.
I have a self healing mat but it was made for quilting - works great.
I don't think it's a "type" of flower but a style of fabric flowers. I think that if you start out with a rose center then add a lot, ok a LOT of petals, you'll be all set.
I get mine from - they're extra sparkly.
WoW, a big pat on the back to you. What an honor. You'll treasure that issue always.
So here's the problem. My grandson's wedding is this Saturday, yes, I'm making the cake. It's a small wedding but I want them to have a larger cake. Looks like Saturday...............oh shoot, never mind, they just changed the projected temps from 77 to 84. Looks like I need to cover the cake in fondant afterall. Sigh.................... I wanted to cover the whole cake - including the bottom fake tier - in IMBC then wondered if that's even possible. Has anyone...
The manufacturer probably tried it out to make sure it was working properly before shipment. It will be fine.
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