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Now that the cupcake craze is on the way out, I don't mind talking about my idea at all.  Two of my most popular cake flavors require drizzles of champagne and the other is brandy.  You can't do that on a baked cupcake without it running off and soaking the cupcake paper.  And I also object to the huge cavity cupcake corers leave.  Guests take a bite and get a huge mouth full of filling - unpleasant.  Also don't like the color leaching of the baked batter on white cupcake...
Right.  I invented (or would like to think I invented) a better cupcake.  I call it the Cake Cup and it's an upscale cupcake you can easily fill with layers of fillings like a cake, drizzle with brandy, hard  STRAIGHT sides you can decorate with ribbons and bows, the cups hold much more than a cupcake and you eat it civilly - with a  fork!!!!!!!!   .
I have an order for that for Sunday.  9 Table Cakes.  All 8" X 4" and I charge $50 each.  As for the stands, I suggest the bride raid the cupboards of family and friends, gathering as many pedestalled cake plates as necessary.  Family loves to participate in an event like this.  Just make sure you place a non-skid mat under each cake so that when the staff whisks them to the kitchen to be cut or the people at that table cut the cake, it won't slide off the glass plate. ...
Get rid of the rolling pin lines by using a fondant smoother on the fondant before you pick it up to put it on the cake.  And if your fondant is tearing, you probably didn't sand down the corners of your dummy enough or rolled your fondant too thin.  Hope this helps.
I make my own.  Haven't found anything else that I like.  Many are way too soft.  When I make my own, I can control the color, texture, opacity and flavor.  And I like that.  You put so much into your cakes and flavors, why not take charge of the exterior.
I love FD and use them all the time.  But I especially love the very square sides paired with the slightly rounded corner tip because at 2 a.m. the last thing I want to do before finally resting is spend time digging out the leftover stuff in the corners of my pans during cleanup.  FD is the best in that regard.  And I don't grease or flour, just put a square of waxed paper in the bottom of all my pans - this way the cake has something to hold onto on its climb to the...
It's so intricate that it must be an impression mat pressed into the fondant after it's on the cake then overpiped with royal.  Labor intensive to the max.
 I had no ideas either but you did a banner job sorting out all the requests and giving her two for the price of one.  So glad she only calls once a year.  Gives you time to recover  :-)
I too love my KA but my next mixer will be a Cuisinart because of the 7 qt bowl and tilt head.  For some reason I can't stand the crank lift bowl feature of my 10 quart Anvil.  Only used it 3 times ............and there it sits.
Three thoughts.  1.) knead in extra powdered sugar to make it sturdier 2. Or knead in some CMC, Tylose powder to make it stiffer and 3.) roll it out on a mat that's been covered in Crisco.  This eliminates the need for steaming the fondant afterwards to get rid of extra powdered sugar.  I buy black and red and purple too (Duff's), then use it as is or add it to my own MMF to help boost the color.
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