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Bingo. And to add another kick in the shins, there are very few - if any bookings at the shows.  A lot later but never at the show where the brides are over stimulated by all the attention and things to look at.
There's a neat place on line called Global PAF Lace Molds that has a million different molds for cakes and cupcakes.  You order from them through China or Hong Kong??  I've done it three times now with great results (but used PayPal instead of my credit card - just in case).  Takes about 5 weeks to arrive but they're truly great.  They have sugar lace molds as well as impression molds.  The one shown above is definitely an impression mold mat.  Oh and ETSY has a lot of...
I had to leave a fondant covered cake in the refrigerator for a week once when my granddaughter's birthday was postponed due to a snow storm but in the summer, leaving it out is dangerous no matter how "cool" her spot is.
Safe at room temp, IF they're purchased like Smuckers or any store brand but if it's something you made in your kitchen then the Department of Health doesn't allow it.
Fondant is best in the summer.
And don't get me going on the topic of Wedding Shows.  Several hundred $$ for a  table that's half width, spend several days getting the cake dummies made, buy a nice backdrop and flowers to decorate it, invest in two new tablecloths, pay to have a nice sign made, bribe a family member to help you move all the stuff into the hall and back out again, clear your calendar and don't accept any orders or taste test bookings the week before, bake, fill, ice and decorate a few...
I feel so badly for you but yes, you need to remove the strawberries or they'll definitely go gooshy and get slimy by Saturday.  You can put a bit of seedless strawberry jam in place of the fresh strawberries.  Sorry for the bad news but fresh fruit has a wicked short life.
I have no problems making a bark mold at my house with a tree from my property.  We all use "found" household items to make molds.  It's my husbands reaction I was trying to avoid.  He already says that I'm odd from sniffing all that white stuff ...............powdered sugar.  And being odd makes us much better artists.  We were born thinking outside every box.  :-)
And No, we can't tell you how much to charge for a cake.
Or, you can do what this Yankee (me) did.  Go out back with a can of Pam spray and a huge fist full of magic molding compound.  Spray the heck out of an area on a rough bark tree, slap the molding medium on and wait a half hour.  Run outside and rip it off before your husband sees what you're doing, wash the mold thoroughly and use.........worked for me.   And in the original photo, I totally agree that a mold was used on the bottom tier but not on the top two.  Looks like...
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