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That's ok, we all have blond moments.  :-)
But even she started out as a newbie in the beginning and learned as she progressed.
Dear SnarkyBaker, I can't believe you would say something that hurtful in a public forum like this.  That cake is perfect and I couldn't believe it was her first.  I've seen a lot of funky cakes from people who have been in business for years.  I want to compliment her on the purple highlights as well.  In fact I'm going to go look at your cakes and see if you live up to MY expectations. 
Thanks, made me laugh.  My bet will be 5 out of 8.  It is winding down, but not fast enough.  Neither is birch bark.  Here's one from yesterdays wedding.  The Groom made the birch bark display in the background which will eventually hold pastries.  The cake has both molded and stenciled ferns.  No I didn't make the chairs.  I do have a mold for them but this couple wanted the wood grain showing/natural look.   Good luck today and let us know if I was right.  :-)  
Ok, just checked out this site.  Go to AliExpress (all one word) and type in Silicone Sugar Lace Mat) and up will pop 8 or more pages of them.  Really Awesome.
Ok then go to eBay and Etsy and type in lace sugar molds and it will be in English but your order will go to Hong Kong.
Bingo. And to add another kick in the shins, there are very few - if any bookings at the shows.  A lot later but never at the show where the brides are over stimulated by all the attention and things to look at.
There's a neat place on line called Global PAF Lace Molds that has a million different molds for cakes and cupcakes.  You order from them through China or Hong Kong??  I've done it three times now with great results (but used PayPal instead of my credit card - just in case).  Takes about 5 weeks to arrive but they're truly great.  They have sugar lace molds as well as impression molds.  The one shown above is definitely an impression mold mat.  Oh and ETSY has a lot of...
I had to leave a fondant covered cake in the refrigerator for a week once when my granddaughter's birthday was postponed due to a snow storm but in the summer, leaving it out is dangerous no matter how "cool" her spot is.
Safe at room temp, IF they're purchased like Smuckers or any store brand but if it's something you made in your kitchen then the Department of Health doesn't allow it.
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