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Absolutely don't freeze or refrigerate MMF.  I keep leftover MMF in sealed bags in a large bucket and am always grateful for a little extra when I run out.  MMF is a little too soft for larger figures but is perfect for the smaller ones.
I love the idea.  You could purchase chocolate sticks that look like the glue sticks in glue guns..................but all my mind sees is hot chocolate running out of the chocolate gun all over my counter...............maybe that's why it's never been invented??
If you had used the whites from cracking fresh eggs then I guess I would have questioned whether or not you got a bit of yellow in the white.  Even a little yellow kills the whites and leaves you with soup.  But I totally agree with others, cartons of egg whites may be the problem.
Turn it around.  If you asked your brother for a favor right now, what would his reaction be.  Yes, that's what I thought.  You're clearly being used.  He's trying to impress his girlfriend with his sister's talents.  You will put all that work into it and then be disappointed when you receive an invitation without your boyfriends name on it.  Send him an estimated price and watch him dissolve into the woodwork.
I've been under a lot of stress lately and misunderstood your question.  I haven't used BC on Fondant but Royal only - I'm so sorry I lead you down the wrong path.  Royal is the way to go because it sets up fast and can be put on thinly.  Yikes, going back into my bat cave now.  So Sorry.  Looks like others have done this successfully but I haven't tried it yet.
Yes, I have.  And I was super worried too but as long as the fondant has been freshly applied and hasn't sat in the fridge over night then been brought into the warmer kitchen air and has started to sweat before you try to apply the royal, you really will be fine.  I don't know what problems you're having but a good trick with royal is to place something under the front edge of the cake - like a 1/2" stack of paper - just so that the cake tilts back ever so slightly while...
Syriana:  If your bottom tier is squished a bit then you cut your pillars too short.  If the pillars are the correct size there should be little to no movement downward on any layers.
Was your cake still slightly warm when you filled it.  The biggest reason a filling bulges out is because there's too much of it.  They say to make a dam 1/4" in from the outside rim then fill the center of the dam.  When you put the top on, it has 1/4th of an inch to settle in to.  And I would add extra chocolate to your ganache.  Sounds like it needs it to set up properly and hard.
I agree, the cake was just what she ordered, given the size of the roses she gave you............and ...........ahhhhhhem, anyone wanting a gold cake should know not to put fake roses on it if you want a classy look.  Sheesh.  The gold was a bit duller but it was gold.  The only thing I would ask her to explain was her definition of SMALL.  To some small means a 6 - 8 - 10 cake.  Looks like you gave her a 6 and an 8 (that was less wide than the 6).  She was looking for a...
After seeing the one you referred to by winbeckler I realized that the mesh on mine is larger.  Love the mat you found but it's described as an impression mat.  Can you write to them and ask if they've also used it with sugar lace making liquid?  If so, then I'm getting one too.  The mat I have is very small in comparison - about  8 X 8".  Wanted to use it on this cake but at the last minute changed the design and used another lace mat instead on the top but the bows at...
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