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Lots of ice packs under the cake - put it in a large sturdy box and tape up all the edges to prevent the cold from escaping - put non-skid pads on top of the ice packs, stack just two of the tiers but keep the other separate, insert wooden skewers into the cake that's stacked to prevent movement, and pray.  Because sometimes September can be as hot as August.  The sun will beat down on your trunk - making it like a sauna in there.  Oh and start out with a cold cake from...
Yup Divinecc, you have that right.  I bought a regular Silhouette (not cameo) and really need to hunker down and learn it.  Despite all the help Linda and her wonderful husband gave me - plus the learning DVD that came with the machine, plus my many years at  computer company...........I have to admit that the Silhouettes learning curve intimidates me and I wish there was a Craftsy Class on it from beginning to end - including setting selections.  A family member gave me a...
Go Get 'em!!!!!!!  I keep a length of sugar lace with me at all cake consults and pray that someone will love it enough to incorporate it into their cake.  It's working!!!!!!!
I would go to your local pet and fish store, look at all the items they have for aquariums, purchase a seahorse the size needed (hopefully it's plastic and realistic looking), then go to Michaels, Hobby Lobby or AC Moore's and get a couple packages of Magic Mold (purple and yellow box) to make the back and front of the seahorse mold.  Only takes 30 minutes (shopping for all the items takes a lot longer).  Say's on the box that it's food safe.  Fill with gumpaste or white...
If you have an online "Free Cycle" in your area you can put out a notice for one and might luck out.  Otherwise I would try eBay or family, friends and neighbors.
I love the idea of the embalming fluid...................that idea can be dressed up to be a lot more partyish than a casket.  Like a large martini glass filled with liquid - sign attached saying embalming fluid then a cake with the usual graduation hat (in black of course).
Yes, try the flour it really does help.
Here's a quick tip.  When Crisco changed their recipe we all complained.  On their site they published a quick fix.  Add a couple heaping tablespoons full of plain old flour.  This seems to work very well.
We all commented truthfully (I did) - but don't forget she didn't ask for comments - she was so relieved that her first wedding cake was over  -  she felt comfortable sharing it with us.  If she was ashamed of it (which she has no reason to be), she probably would have asked us how to improve the next time.  But she didn't.  She didn't. 
Now you got it.  Constructive point by point helpful comments.  Not at all Snarky.  That's what this site is about and the reason it's the go to place for valid questions.  Building us up, helping out, consoling and applauding. 
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