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Syriana:  If your bottom tier is squished a bit then you cut your pillars too short.  If the pillars are the correct size there should be little to no movement downward on any layers.
Was your cake still slightly warm when you filled it.  The biggest reason a filling bulges out is because there's too much of it.  They say to make a dam 1/4" in from the outside rim then fill the center of the dam.  When you put the top on, it has 1/4th of an inch to settle in to.  And I would add extra chocolate to your ganache.  Sounds like it needs it to set up properly and hard.
I agree, the cake was just what she ordered, given the size of the roses she gave you............and ...........ahhhhhhem, anyone wanting a gold cake should know not to put fake roses on it if you want a classy look.  Sheesh.  The gold was a bit duller but it was gold.  The only thing I would ask her to explain was her definition of SMALL.  To some small means a 6 - 8 - 10 cake.  Looks like you gave her a 6 and an 8 (that was less wide than the 6).  She was looking for a...
After seeing the one you referred to by winbeckler I realized that the mesh on mine is larger.  Love the mat you found but it's described as an impression mat.  Can you write to them and ask if they've also used it with sugar lace making liquid?  If so, then I'm getting one too.  The mat I have is very small in comparison - about  8 X 8".  Wanted to use it on this cake but at the last minute changed the design and used another lace mat instead on the top but the bows at...
Lucky brother.  Absolutely stunning.
I did find one - wasn't a fine mesh but it did the job.  Had to order it from a company overseas.  Let me research it for you.
Yes, no matter what you do it will take you twice as long as you think, your hands will be killing you and then if you have to go back and color it silver ................AHHHHHHHHHHHH.  The only clue I can give you is to make your lace icing a pale gray.  Then when you go back over each lacing loop with Nu-Silver and alcohol, all you need to go is glaze the surface and because the whole lace string is precolored, it will APPEAR as though you painstakingly colored the...
Another caution:  If it's edible glitter made with sugar you don't want to put water on the area before applying the glitter, try the smallest amount of Karo instead.  Karo won't melt the sugar glitter.
Question:  The above is for a white cake, correct?  How would you amend it to suit another flavor like lemon.  Would you not use 4 egg whites but 3 whole instead.  Just wondering.  Have wanted to try this.
That;s what I do.  Write in magic marker on the box PLEASE KEEP REFRIGERATED.  
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