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Another caution:  If it's edible glitter made with sugar you don't want to put water on the area before applying the glitter, try the smallest amount of Karo instead.  Karo won't melt the sugar glitter.
Question:  The above is for a white cake, correct?  How would you amend it to suit another flavor like lemon.  Would you not use 4 egg whites but 3 whole instead.  Just wondering.  Have wanted to try this.
That;s what I do.  Write in magic marker on the box PLEASE KEEP REFRIGERATED.  
I would have had her sign a paper that she agrees to take the cake in an as is condition.  I agree that it was really rough and it wouldn't have left my house in that condition.  I would have told her that she would just have to wait or accept an inferior cake...............then make her sign.
I have that one.  You're going to love it.
They must have cut each petal out - study the tops of a few of them, some dip down and some point upward.  I think I would use a large tulip cutter then slit them as shown in the photo.
It came out AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Bottom should be at least an 8 but a 9" would look better and give you more room to position the decorations on the cake above it.  
I'll take a poke at this one because I have a cake free weekend.  Yes you can put a buttercream cake on top of a fondant covered cake.  As far as whether to decorate the buttercream covered cake first or after it's in place on top of the fondant covered cake...........................ummmmmmmmmmmmm, without knowing what you are planning for decorations, I guess it's up to you.  If the decorations need to touch the fondant cake below then yes, put them together first.  If...
Nothing wrong with that cake.  Great job.  The only thing I want to whack you for is taking a great photo with a gnarly backdrop.  Get yourself two pieces of black and two of white foam core and use one under the cake and one in the back - propped up against the cabinets (in whichever color goes best with the cake you've done.  Makes all the difference in the world.
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