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Make my own MMF, add a cup of melted wedding white chocolate to it plus cotton candy LorAnn flavoring and it's a dream to work with - and dirt cheap to make.
A really great job for your first.  I agree with others, make your grass shorter and heat your offset spatula under really hot running water then shake it out once quickly then smooth the side icing.  Repeat for each area.  As for the writing, do what we all do, and stamp out each letter (extra thin gumpaste) for a really pro look.  Wonderful job! .
Had the same problem.  But mixing it one day ahead takes care of this.  Also mixing it longer, much longer than you were.
Did you use an inferior brand of marshmallows?  I use Kraft Mini's only and the best powdered sugar.  Some powdered sugars have a lot of corn starch in them to prevent clumping but this changes the consistency of the MMF.  Try adding another cup of powdered sugar as you said you only added 6 cups out of the 8. Sometimes when mine gets like that, I put the blob into my microwave and heat it up for 30 seconds and rework it.
Ok then, take some brown on the end of a toothpick and add it to the icing.  Viola.  Ivory.
Ok, please don't take this the wrong way but that's a really involved cake and any decorator who is brave enough to accept this order would know what color the basic icing is...... or would be more specific about what part of the icing colors you were asking us about.  Another statement that gives me cause for concern about how long you've been decorating is when you said "I just have the basics".  You can do so much with basic colors - mixing and matching and tweaking....
Hard to tell because it's a photo then a scan and the lights in the hall may have skewed the original color but I think it's safe to say that it's definitely not white - so I'd go with the others and say a light beige  or light gold undertones.
Sounds Wonderful...............!!!!!!!!!!
I've never had problems with Fat Daddio's and actually love the way they designed the corner - slightly rounded at the top to make it easier to clean.  And I love the price.
And P.S.   No, it's never ok to tell the bride she made a mistake choosing her cake topper.  Who knows, maybe her grandmother just died and this was something she gave the bride at her shower just before she bit the big one so it has sentimental value.  You can never tell.  The only time I comment on a topper is if it's too large, too small and needs something around it to fill it out or it's too top-heavy. 
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