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WOW, so beautiful.  Congratulations!
You're going to go nuts with a customer like that.  Dump it all in her hands - just like she did you.  Tell her to contact you again when she knows what she wants because when it's all done and delivered, you KNOW you're going to get an email or call saying that it was nice but not exactly what she had in mind.  In other words, you and she may not realize it yet but you're being set up.  This is not going to end well.  You can't go into a restaurant and sit there looking...
I've always been under the impression that you can't apply royal to buttercream because the natural enemy of royal is grease or oil.  Buttercream contains either solid fats like Crisco or butter as in IMBC so you may end up with intricate images that disintegrate after sitting on the icing for a few hours.  As far as transferring royal designs to a cake you can always create them on slightly greased and I do mean slightly, waxed paper then take a length of sewing thread in...
If she colored it red, I think we all would have known what it was.....................just thinking out loud.  But some of my best birthday memories (and the reason I decorate today) is because of all those home made birthday cakes from Mom.
Yup, no less than $2K
I was given a Cricut too but haven't had the time to play with it.  Just a diamond pattern.  It's on my to-do list for this Winter.
Being too old to know about the Einstein's ship, I thought it was a Bar-B-Que grill.  But I'll bet the little girl loved it.
You'll truly love the Bowman lace mix - haven't tried it myself but have heard glowing reviews about it.  I use Sugar Dress and had no idea you could apply it to buttercream - thought the oils in buttercream would leach into the lace and break it down - making it sticky.  Good to know.
So happy to say that I have no more cakes until January 11th.  I'm officially on winter sabbatical and can finally get organized around the house.  Tomorrow is cookie baking time.  Happy Holidays to all.  Rest up.  2015's wedding season is just a few months away.
I hear ya.  Put myself on a no sugar no white flour diet and was just asked to do all the desserts for our family Christmas celebration.  You'll hear my moaning on Saturday as I make things I can't sample.  BUT I always cave.................this time is different.
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