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Immediately I thought of the 3-D bear mold and a Panda with a stick of bamboo in his hands and the wording "take a big bit out of life Hal" or whatever his name is.  Or "it's your party eat all the bamboo you want".  In other words make it grown up with the wording because no matter how you dress the bear up or down - he's still gunna look way too cute.
Doesn't matter although with hi-ratio I notice a little bit stiffer consistency but it's so minor.  The new Crisco is so loose and watery.  :-(
40 servings at $6.00 per serving then add the flowers and delivery. 
Gorgeous Cake!!!  Your price is right on.  I would have charged $240 for the actual cake and another hundred for all the flowers then the delivery so you did well.  And everything is so pristine and well done.
Just telling you honestly that I've never heard of Alibaba, I was never asked to "sign up" with AliExpress.  I simply ordered on line from GlobalPAFMolds and somehow when it arrived it came via AliExpress so I assumed (because of the word Express) that AliExpress was the shipping company for PAFMolds.  I don't believe in buying knockoffs either but what came through has been top quality for half the price of molds available in the USA and oh the variety.  Wow.  Of course...
Yes that's the one.  I used small and even smaller plunger cutters to cut out the holes in the doily to make it look truly lacy and to highlight the darker peach colored fondant underneath.  Next time I do this I'm making my 50/50 gumpaste/fondant even thinner for a more delicate doily.
Yah and don't forget, who cares about the flavor or design................ but my driver will pick it up the week before.
Outstanding!  Took about two to 2-1/2 weeks to reach me but they always followed up to make sure I was happy with my purchase.  I used PayPal to pay for the item - strictly out of concern for my credit card numbers.  :-)  Would order from them again in a heartbeat.  Their orders come through Ali-Express.  I don't know the connection but you can look up either to find their sets of lace molds. 
WOW, so beautiful.  Congratulations!
You're going to go nuts with a customer like that.  Dump it all in her hands - just like she did you.  Tell her to contact you again when she knows what she wants because when it's all done and delivered, you KNOW you're going to get an email or call saying that it was nice but not exactly what she had in mind.  In other words, you and she may not realize it yet but you're being set up.  This is not going to end well.  You can't go into a restaurant and sit there looking...
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