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Hi ThereI just had a customer postpone a party I did a cake for with an edible image I printed on it. Can I freeze the finished cake for and if so for how long...when I freeze finished cakes I always wrap the cake which is in it's box in a clean garbage bag to keep the condesation out...will this method be ok in this cercumstance too???Thanks
Does anyone know of anywhere in Canada to buy Frosting sheets for the edible images?
Hi there, Does anyone know how to make a nice icing that does conatin any dairy products?
Thanks everyone...I am going to try my bundt pan with a 10 inch round under it to make it higher.Keep your fingers crossed!!!
Can I use my fancy bundt cake pan instead of spending $30.00 on the wondermold pan? I was planning on doing a 10 inch round cake with the dolls dress on that. The customer wants Belle and is supplying me with a real belle barbie doll that she doesn't want destroyed. With the bundt pan work or will it be too wide?Thanks
I use 3 betty crocker mixes and only 2 DH mixes and it useually takes at least an hour to bake it.
That's cool thanks so much
that is a great idea...I will have to try that.
I would check ebay...that is probably your best bet.
I have a cake order for a man who is a brick layer...any suggestions??
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