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Thanks oceanspitfire! Very much like what I had envisioned...simple and elegant, but with a bit of the patriotic colors...your the best! Thanks so much for all your help!
Yes, I think I will keep it a bit classy...I am picturing the satellite cakes as being simple...white with swags/ribbon and maybe a few simple flowers, but I think they want a cake with the anniversary logo on it too (as a centerpiece). Thanks for the suggestions...keep em coming!
Thankyou so much for your help...yes I had found a small picture of that logo, but this one is so much better. You all have really got my wheels turning now with different options and set up. Keep the great ideas coming!
Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas and support. I had in mind to do 4 large sheet cakes iced to gether to form one....with the Air Force 60th Anniverdary logo in the middle , but was unsure as to what to add onto that. I really like the idea of the jets...and the eagle sketch gave me new ideas too. To make up fpr the rest of the cakes, I thought of doing two tiered stands of 3 or 4 cakes on either side of the sheet cake. They would be iced in bright white with...
I have been asked to make a celebration cake and/or cakes for the Air Force's 60 th anniversary ball! This is an elaborate event and will have around 1000 people in attendance. I have some ideas of my own but am a bit overwhelmed. Anyone what to share thoughts or ideas?? Help!!Brandi
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